Under a Dying Sun – S/T

Sometimes one listen to a release doesn’t give a proper perspective on the overall effect of a band. With a cursory listen, the newest release from Under a Dying Sun could be filed under a “generic” category. Not that the band’s playing is bland, but their style is very similar to many other bands currently out in the indie field right now. With that said, Under a Dying Sun is the type of band that one gets something more out of each time they listen to their music. While their style isn’t anything new, they do convey their spirit rather well – a factor to be admired in this day of retreads and soulless dreck.
One of the most notable aspects of this band is their ability to shift gears in their emotional intensity. At times they rock out with a heavy, yet melodic brand of emo that is definitely charged, but they also are able to slow it down a bit and add to the layers of their sound. This is something that takes some bands years to master. Even though their riffs are mostly from the “tried and true” category, their ability to mix up their emotion is a great gift.
“Breathe In” is a shifting, sincere blast of emo rock that brings the record to a solid start. The instruments and the vocals match up well as they flow back and forth from heavy to soft, rocking to somber. “Distant Ships” follows on the same path as “Breathe In,” though it displays tighter riffing on the guitars. This one is a bit chunkier.
“Until it’s Given Back” combines the best parts of the aforementioned songs and takes things a bit further. The vocals sound more frenzied here. The combination of male/female vocals also adds another layer to the band’s sound. There is also a nice, slow-tempo break down towards the middle of the song that offers a great transition between their range. This is one of the best cuts on the record!
Overall, this release is very well played and filled to the brim with soul. Those looking for something avante-garde may be disappointed with this record. However, music fans that put emotion first may like these guys.