UHF – If it Was Easy

If it Was Easy

This is the third relase by UHF who hail from the Portland, Ore. area. The band is led by identical twins Jordan and Jeremy Leff in their musical adventures. For this disc they brought in Gregg Williams, who has worked with people like Dandy Warhols, and Sheryl Crow. The band stay in the psych-pop mode, creating pretty melodies while infusing their influences with a lot of originality. The disc has a very sharp feeling to it in its sound and approach with nice floating melodies.
“She Don’t Know” starts the disc off with some nice airy sounds created by drifiting keyboards and some tape loops. This song has a swirling feeling and dreamy vocals as well as some good harmonica breaks to accompany everything else. “She’s Going Up” has beautiful vocal melodies that sound like they came straight from the 60s psych-pop scene. There is an apperance from trumpeter Eric Matthews on this cut, which lends an almost airy game show theme quality to it. The band show an early penchant for making some beautiful pop melodies for everyone to enjoy.
“First Thing in the Morning” has a little bit of a “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” flare to it with floating guitar and dreamy vocals. There is some very good distorted screaming guitar action that punctures through the sound of the light backing. “Moderntown” is a crunchy, bouncy pop song with sweet vocals and good rhythm section work. “Last Rays of the Sun” is the band’s take on the psychedelic opus with cascading guitars, keyboards, and loops intermingling. They create enough interesting noise to keep the listeners attention for the eight-minute span of this fun track.
UHF has created quite a good disc of catchy, yet drowsy psych-pop tunes. There is nothing that up-tempo on this disc, which rather relies on breezy atmospheres. The band does a good job keeping things fresh while changing from song to song . They carry out some beautiful melodies and blend harmony vocals that will send you back in time. This is a good disc to throw on when you just want to kick back, relax, and let good music take you away from all your worries.