Three Summers Gone – Time Well Spent

Three Summers Gone
Time Well Spent

It seems like this album is either six years too late or just in time. Is this a rehashing of a winning style tried and true, or is it a reminding slap to the face of 14-year-olds everywhere of what that musical style used to be? Its kind of a fine line to walk, I suppose.
I’m probably going to get a nasty e-mail from the band, gettin all up in my biznatch because I even used the term “emo” in reference to them, because “emo” has joined the ranks of “grunge” and “pop” as dirty words used solely by writers for Seventeen magazine, but that damned word used to have such meaning! Guy Picciotto must just sit around bummed all day when he thinks about what people have done to his baby. Except when, you know, he realizes he’s in Fugazi, the best band of all time.
Regardless, Three Summers Gone are doing good to bring back that original Texas is the Reason/Mineral sound. Time Well Spent isn’t a groundbreaking album and doesnt surpass its inspiration, but fans of bands of that era, or for people like myself who have moved on musically and appreciate the reminder, it’s definatly something to look into.
The album starts off with “All Aaid and Done,” which immediatly shows the vocal work to be one of the strongest aspects of this band, accompanied by hopscotch-ish guitars weaving in and out in the background. By “Chin Up” you’ll realize how intellegent the guitar work is, as they become a driving force in the flow of the music as a whole. Much to popular belief among the Johnny-come-latelys, adding subpar lyrics about swingsets and mixtapes to simple 4/4 power chord riffs doesnt make your music as a whole emotional, it just makes it sound bland and uninspired.
Then again, neither do thrift store shirts and rolled up jeans. But tell that to some kid at a show and you’re bound to be the target of messageboard bitching….again.
Simply put, Time Well Spent is a promising album straight from a genre quickly dying from a lack of bands like Three Summers Gone. Though, I’ll be honest, I’m not too crazy about their name.