The Flying Luttenbachers – Retrospektiw IV

The Flying Luttenbachers
Retrospektiw IV

Multi-instrumentalist composer, improviser, and drummer Weasel Walter is the only constant in this rotating cast of players on this CD, which collects live, alternate takes and unreleased material from the various Luttenbacher line-ups from 1996-2000. The Luttenbachers touch upon the genres and attitudes inherent in free jazz, death metal and punk rock. They prioritize speed, velocity, and harshness and avoid obvious rhythmic, harmonic, and melodic constraints, thereby creating weird, extreme and complex music.
The CD contains inclusive liner notes for each song that include the group line-up and album-era and such asides as, “the band stepped on stage just seconds after Weasel had punched out the dressing room mirror, everyone could feel the desperation and psychosis. The trio proceeded to strafe the crowd with an assault of epic proportions.”
The two different line-ups presented in this Retrospektiw are the drum/bass/guitar “satanic” trio and the formation that followed, which was a largely free-improvised affair consisting of drums / sax / cello/ contrabass. The trio makes music that is not “noise” per se: it’s noisy, but the songs are tightly-composed – think Sun Ra meets Black Flag, while the “free”-era, even with all-acoustic instrumentation, the music is just as hard-hitting, though not as structured.
For listeners new to the Luttenbachers, this is a good CD to pick up to see what past era of the Luttenbachers you like the best because as one never to stay stagnant, Walter has recruited two new players and has yet again moved in a new direction which can be described as “brutal prog” and has a new release on Troubleman Unlimited.