The Brother Kite – S/T

It makes me mad when bands don’t include lyrics in their CDs. I really want to read them when I hear an interesting line sung on a track. There are some acoustic tracks that turn out to be more emotional than anything. They are the strong-strummed emotional kick-ass intensely sung and sometimes anger-smothered songs, the kind you want to play when you are really frustrated or pissed off. Damnit, you want to know the words to sing along to every word. Sort of like a “screw you, you ripped out my heart and spit it in my face” kind of thing. Only they don’t say that really, so you just pretend they do or adjust it to your situation.
As far as opening songs, I would recommend too that this band places a different, more catchy song first. The opening track is a simple and quiet attempt. The vocals throughout the disk are all a bit underlying and distorted. It adds to the highs on the tone of the drums and creates a muddled to spacey feeling. It was a good match for my aggravated mood in staring at a messy room and the frustration of not getting anywhere when cleaning it. There were very small elements of The Lawrence Arms and Jawbreaker tendencies, but no one to really compare the unclean sound of The Brother Kite.

The obvious sincerity of the last track “Give” along with the vocals locked it in as my favorite on this release. I don’t know that the talent of The Brother Kite is pouring over as far as songwriting skills or stunning musical talent, but I do believe they will grow into a few really good songs that will make owning an LP well worthwhile. If nothing else, you can feel the energy passed through in the strength of the strums of the guitars.