Remembering Never – She Looks So Good in Red

Remembering Never
She Looks So Good in Red

Ferret Records has been one of the top labels for heavy hardcore the past several years. With their many great releases, ranging from Converge to Martyr A.D., they have proven themselves as having a great ear for solid hardcore. Their latest release from a group called Remembering Never upholds the tradition of the label yet brings a slightly new feel to the tried and true sound.
Remembering Never combines a brutal, double-bass driven metal hardcore approach with a blend of heavy rock and indie rock. To say the least, the results are interesting. The combination of heavy rock and hardcore seems to be more and more of a trend the past couple of years in the scene. Bands ranging from Burn it Down to Time in Malta have combined powerful, traditional metal hardcore with a soulful blend of heavy rock. While there are many bands following on this trail and doing it like an imitator, Remembering Never shows true integrity by following their own path.
“To the Girl I Loved for an Hour” rocks the record off to a brutal start. The guitars blaze, the drums are pounded and the vocals are screamed – all the essentials for a metal hardcore group. With that said, the band somehow transcends the familiarity of the genre and its traditional sound with a blend of melody and time change-ups that truly make this track a unique one. “A Clearer Sky” continues things at the already sick pace in terms of heaviness. The band goes a bit further into esoteric territory though as they slow the song down to let it breathe with a bit of acoustic guitar and sung vocals. This is a nice touch.
“Big Jim’s Mist” begins like an indie-rock track – light, melodic guitar lines are echoed with an equally tender rhythm section. After a moment though, things change. The ultra-heavy riffs from the first tracks on the record come back into play and bring the band 180 degrees back to their roots – quite the turn around in one song.
All in all, the band accomplishes quite a bit with their talent and does a nice job of genre blending to create their own sound. At times the band probably does too much in terms of trying to be different for the sake of being different, but their creativity is out in full force on this release. Remembering Never definitely has what it takes to be one of the premiere bands in the ranks of hardcore. With their ability to cross over into more mainstream genres, they could be poised to broaden their audience even wider than the average independent band.