Primitive Painter – Armadillo in the Snow EP

Primitive Painter
Armadillo in the Snow EP

Armadillo in the Snow is the second conjugal visit by Belfast band (?) Primitive Painter and the Dead Digital label/art house/creature, based in Manchester. The title track sounds exactly like that, a tiptoe through sonic snow, a minimal beat bashed by a piano trawler, winter majesties fed back via synths. “Mantra” is all coils, dripping taps on drum skins, occasional vocal apoplexies and the threat of something more, as if PP are marching to The Twilight Zone theme. Not often you fit dark and danceable into the same headspace.
“Peoples Parasite” (sic) is surprisingly warmer in tone, yet the voice of Tony Blair bleating “the United States is the only super power” makes the timely point, bells and blips not disguising the decay in the background and the return of the fascist footsteps. The wonderfully named “Foetal Attraction” again returns to the eeriness of its predecessors, rounding off the Lynch-drenched EP with a Mission Impossible-like rhythm upon which is draped a looped sound bite, all menace and malice.
And so in under 20 minutes we have hope, death, and the onward march of progress, skillfully woven in among glitches, beeps, and bastardy. Not bad at all.