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Sick of it All – Live in a Dive

Sick of it AllLive in a DiveSometimes I wonder about the knowledge level of people who read my reviews. Hopefully they have a basic understanding of phonetics and the English language; that's a start anyhow. Next, do they have any knowledge on the subject matter of what they're reading? This is where my dilemma comes in while writing a review for a … [Read more...]

Boys Night Out – Broken Bones and Bloody Kisses EP

Boys Night OutBroken Bones and Bloody Kisses EPYou find a bind between the love you had and the hate that you now feel. As you turn this CD on, that line disappears. Everything turns into what Boys Night Out calls life. The honesty of how broken-hearted anger is really felt is expressed without holding back on Broken Bones and Bloody Kisses, a … [Read more...]

Three Summers Gone – Time Well Spent

Three Summers GoneTime Well SpentIt seems like this album is either six years too late or just in time. Is this a rehashing of a winning style tried and true, or is it a reminding slap to the face of 14-year-olds everywhere of what that musical style used to be? Its kind of a fine line to walk, I suppose. I'm probably going to get a nasty e-mail … [Read more...]

Seana Carmody – Struts and Shocks

Seana CarmodyStruts and ShocksComing in at a concise, workmanlike 33 minutes, Seana Carmody's Struts and Shocks is one of those albums that, while not necessarily breaking new ground with each song, still manages to be somewhat groundbreaking by the simple fact that everything it does it does pretty much right. Carmody knows the secret that eludes … [Read more...]

Tapping the Vein – The Damage EP

Tapping the VeinThe Damage EP Tapping the Vein is a band I wish I had checked out sooner. Since they hail from my hometown of Philadelphia, I've heard the name tossed around before, and since they're on Nuclear Blast records I just assumed they were a heavy metal band. This three-song sampler from the band's full-length debut, The Damage, has shown … [Read more...]

Emily Sparks – What Could Not Be Buried

Emily SparksWhat Could Not Be Buried The whimsical drawings on the cover of Emily Sparks' album made me think her music will be syrupy sweet pop. I'm completely surprised that what hits my ears is a stripped down amalgam of folk, country, and only a little bit of pop featuring Emily and her guitar. Emily fits well with the current crop of female … [Read more...]

Semiautomatic – Semiautomatic Remixed By Concentrick 7"

SemiautomaticSemiautomatic Remixed By Concentrick 7" Formed by Rop Vasquez (a founding member of the Pee Chees), Semiautomatic reminds me of a more punk-rock version of The Faint. Bringing back the reliance on up-tempo beats, electronic synths and noises, and danceable grooves as well as a boat-load of effects, the band still has a rock-based … [Read more...]

Red Animal War – Black Phantom Crusades

Red Animal WarBlack Phantom CrusadesI wanted Red Animal War to find their own voice. Their first album was strongly influenced by Fugazi, yet their follow-up split EP seemed to go in a more assertive and confident direction. So I was a little dismayed when, at first listen, Black Phantom Crusades sounded like the next Jawbox record never made. The … [Read more...]

Okkervil River – "Stark Miami Mines" b/w "Satisfy You" 7"

Okkervil River"Stark Miami Mines" b/w "Satisfy You" 7" My favorite release yet from Austin, Texas' Tight Spot Records, this split brings two somewhat like-minded Will's to one release. South San Gabriel is the solo side project of Centro-Matic's Will Johnson, playing equal parts Johnny Cash country-folk and Eric Bachman … [Read more...]

Jenn Lindsay – Gotta Lotta

Jenn LindsayGotta Lotta In the true indie sense, Jenn Lindsay has made a lot of fans while doing just about everything herself. She financed this album by playing guitar and singing in the New York City subway, and her receptionist job helped with the cover art printing (and office supplies, of course). In fact, her biggest help - beyond fan … [Read more...]