Nerf Herder – American Cheese

Nerf Herder
American Cheese

Nerf Herder is another in the long line of pop-punk bands beating a dead horse. They are partaking in a genre that seems to have had every last ounce of life sucked out of it, yet somehow it’s still there – alive and kicking. That’s not to say that the genre is unenjoyable. Every once in awhile a band will bring a new twist or, at the least, some spunk or edge to the style, but for the most part it offers very little in terms of originality. Although Nerf Herder doesn’t come to the table with anything new, they do at least deliver the goods for those looking for an easy going, sometimes humorous trip down the goofy rock road.
The band sticks to a well-tested pop-punk blend of silly lyrics hooking up with straightforward, melodic power chords. Their riffs may sound like clones, but they do come off with a bit of panache. They at least know their chosen genre front and back. Those looking for a new spin on this type of music are advised to look elsewhere as this band, do or die, sticks to its Green Day-ish guns.
“Welcome to My World” is a pretty accurate introduction to this release. It sums up for the listener what they are in for during the majority of the rest of their visit to the land of this particular record. The goofy lyrics are accentuated by the 80s style keyboards and traditional pop-punk guitar riffs. Even though the track is wholly unoriginal, there is something likable about it. “High Five Anxiety” keeps things moving along with slightly chunkier riffs, but the band loses none of its cheesy, yet catchy, style here.
“Mr. Spock” changes tempo a bit with a funky bass intro that fades into a fuzzed out mix of guitar and synth. This track is a bit slower, and the band seems to lose a bit of their energy here. However, “Jacket” shows the band picking up the speed again and delivering another predictable, but smile-inducing, mixture of poppy punk.
If nothing else, Nerf Herder stays true to the style that they obviously love so well. Those that are major fans of the pop-punk genre may want to check these guys out. Anyone looking for something a bit more experimental or esoteric are likely to be turned off.