Lo-Hi – Say it More

Say it More

This is the second CD from the band Lo-Hi and is full of high powered rock. Lo-Hi is led by Boss Hog drummer Hollis Queens and used to be a two-piece, but they recently filled out the band to four members. The band has a very gargey sound and doesn’t try anything too fancy. It has a kind of sleazy feel and sound to it, and this is accentuated by Queens’ lyrics and vocals. They mix quite a bit of different styles like R&B, 70s rock, and punk, in a tight little musical package.
“Runaround” starts the disc off with a low-down, growling piece of dirty rock. Queens purrs with attitude and pulls off the lyrics in good form in this quick little rock gem. “Follow It Down” has a slinky soulful groove to it with a pumping keyboard and quick dirty guitar fills. These first two songs go by way too quickly and leave the listener wanting more of them both. “Dig Thru” has Queens seductively crooning the lyrics over tight backing and Devo-like keyboards.
“Say it More” creeps along at a darker more deliberate pace with Queens shouting and growling the double entendre-laden lyrics. “Lucy” is an ode to the classic television show “I Love Lucy” but is hindered by the trite lyrics that end up being grating. It’s a semi-interesting song, and the accompaniment in its frantic pace is pretty intriguing as well, but it isn’t very strong. “Leopard Skin” is sparer and more stripped down with fast jagged guitar that builds steam and power. This is a wonderful song with some risque lyrics and Queens approaches them in a manner of a challenge, in a seductive moan.
“Challenge” is another raunchy song that lets Queens dictate how things are going to go and what she wants. Queens’ moans and vocal style are great to hear and will leave their mark on the audience. “Little Plant” closes the disc as an ode to a common house plant. The song has some interesting electronics bleeps and noises underneath it that adds another layer. This song also loses some of the power that precedes it, but is a different departure from the rest of the album and not as strong.
This disc is just downright a blast to listen to and is a very good accomplishment for almost any band. The strength lies in the band settling into a groove, and they can capitalize on Queens lyrics and seductive vocals. Queens takes a tough girl approach, and the band and lyrics play around this nicely, and she is very adept at pulling this style off. This CD would be great as a 10 song one, but “Lucy” and “Little Plant” drop it down slightly since they lose power; they aren’t horrible but not up to par as the others. One of the better rock CDs that has been released this year, it’s a lot of fun and very good quality.