Fifty Watt Head – Volume One

Fifty Watt Head
Volume One

For some reason, this band is just obsessed with the phrase “brontosaurus heavy” when describing their own music. They seem to be pretty dead on: big, dumb, slow, and dragging its tail around knocking stuff over.
You know who would just love Fifty Watt Head? That kid in my high school art class who insisted we listen to Black Sabbath and Cannibal Corpse every day while working on our printmaking assignments or whatever. Decked out daily in a blond pony tail, bad acne, and a huge ripped “Ride the Lightning” tour shirt, he would come in to class and hold up the same two goddamed albums and sheepishly announce “can we listen to this today instead of your stuff?”, and of course, as the older kids, we shouted “No!” and shuffled through our bags to find music he would hate even more. Sentridoh did the trick nicely.
Regardless, I didnt want to listen to this type of crap way back then, and I still have no insterest in it now. This is that broody heavy half-time drop-C-tuning kind of hard rock (I dare not even call it ‘metal’ as not to piss off the good metal bands out there) with piercing shouted vocals that just goes nowhere and brings absolutly nothing to the table.
The tracks “eastromatchics,” “Ride the Tiger,” “Cool Clyda,” “Sweat Hog,” “The Manalishi,” and “Retool the Lift” are all nearly identical, short of different intros. Give it a minute and it will fall into the same cliche predictable tripe pattern heard a hundred times on here.
If you want to piss off your mom because she ‘just isnt fair,’ yeah, crank this mo-fo. Go nuts. Burn those curtains with your bic! Burn em good!