Bellini – Snowing Sun

Snowing Sun

Bellini is the new project of Damon Che, the former drummer of Don Caballero, and it is a very unique band. It also has a couple of members formerly of the band Uzeda, in Agostino Tillota, and Giovanna Cacciola, to create an interesting experiments in music. This disc was recorded by the godlike producer Steve Albini and is very tight, clean, and sharp. The liner notes thank Duane Dennison, former guitar player in Jesus Lizard and solo artist, which is appropriate since the music puts me in mind of some parts of his solo work. This interesting band has created some different music to listen to, and the experience is quite an undertaking.
The disc starts off with a two-part song in “Short Story/Medusa” that starts off with all the instruments exploding into the music. It eventually settles down out of the white noise into the guitar spitting out jagged jazzy shards. It picks up again while getting into the beginning of “Medusa” with very good pounding drums and popping bass, while the guitar plays along, creating it’s own noise. “Furious” uses some whirling buzzing electronics, while the guitar and Cacciola’s vocals add all sorts of different feelings, building and dropping. This song has a pretty slow pace until closer to the end when Che’s drums come to the forefront and picks everything up slightly.
“Conflict Between the Fire and Wet Wood” is an agrressive song with Che’s galoping drumming and the guitar and bass racing along by it’s side. This song goes by in a blur but still is powerful enough to leave its impact . “On the Road” seems to have some sort of animal mating call sampled into it, unless I am mistaken, croaking its way through the start and ending of the song. It eventually gives way to some good accordion and mellow guitar work, while Caciolla croons in a spoken word style. “We Crossed the Ocean to See the Snowing Sun” is another unique song with its clashing instruments and shifting dynamics. They show their ability to change times and styles at the drop of a hat, which is very mind blowing.
Bellini are certainly something different happening in the music scene, and one of the more imposing as well. The musicianship on this disc is really incredible and needs to be heard to be fully comprehended. It is full of noise that will make ears perk up, but it also carries some underlying melodies that are constantly changing. If has a very free jazz type of feeling, with the jagged guitar and popping or walking basslines. Each musician is as impressive as the other, and Che’s drumwork is as always mindblowing, rock steady, and powerful. This disc is difficult to listen to with its originality, as it is both very imposing and beautiful at the same time. I have rarely heard something as baffling and hard to explain as this, but it sure is a very good record.