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The Halcyon Brothers – A Dusty Bible Leads to a Dirty Life

The Halcyon BrothersA Dusty Bible Leads to a Dirty LifeLet me tell you about a bird named Kingfisher. This bird is jay-sized with a distinguishable crew-cut. Its plumage for a male is a bluish-gray with a white collar and blue band across the white breast; the female proves brighter than the male and has a chestnut brown band below the blue band. … [Read more...]

Various Artists – Love & Rebellion

Various ArtistsLove & Rebellion Thick Records is home to a wide variety of Chicago-area bands, most of which can be loosely categorized as "punk." Love & Rebellion is a 21-track compilation that showcases a variety of bands on the label. Thankfully, the disc is not one long blast of guitar noise, and instead jumps confidently between punk, ska, … [Read more...]

Mclusky – Mclusky Do Dalls

McluskyMclusky Do Dalls Nobody will ever accuse Mclusky of being too subtle. On their second album, Mclusky Do Dallas, the Welsh punk-rock trio rips through 14 songs with a screaming ferocity that hasn't been matched since Kurt Cobain recorded the second half of Incesticide in a heroin-induced haze. From the moment vocalist Andy Falkous kicks … [Read more...]

VR – Quiet Contest

VRQuiet Contest There are certain artists or albums that a person should never listen to while in a depressed frame of mind. The musical offerings I speak of are the type of thing that will only worsen such a situation by bringing you down further. Initially, this may sound like some form of a vague insult, but I assure you, at least in this case, … [Read more...]

Locke – Relevance

LockeRelevance Hip-hop has been in a state of flux the past several years. Many of the groundbreaking godfathers of the genre have lost their hold over the music, and the trail that they laid down has been tread over, leaving nary a trace of their existence. The majority of what has been left behind, at least in the mainstream, lacks originality, … [Read more...]

The Prom – Under the Same Stars

The PromUnder the Same StarsThis is the second full-length and first on Barsuk, from the Prom who hail from the state of Nebraska but reside in Seattle. This piano-based three-piece is led by James Mendenhall who is adept at writing and heart breaking melodies and lyrics. The band crafts melodically building and emotionally challenging songs that … [Read more...]

The Cassettes – S/T

The CassettesS/T The Cassettes are led by Shelby Cinca who was formerly of the band Frodus and is joined by the rhythm section of Dead Meadow, along with Jennifer Potter on guitar/vocals/and keyboards. I was a fan of Frodus and had been looking forward to this release since I found out about it. This band shies away from the ominous music of Frodus … [Read more...]

Rescue – Volume Plus Volume

RescueVolume Plus Volume This CD has one of the coolest intros I have heard in a long time. It actually starts with a four-second track of a squeaking instruments, then, on the second track, it explodes into rolling drums and one of the coolest screams I have ever heard. It's hard to follow such a cool intro, but Rescue manages rather adequately. … [Read more...]

Of Montreal – Aldhils Arboretum

Of MontrealAldhils ArboretumAlthough it's a fact that can easily be lost when considering indie rock bands, as the great majority never receive any significant radio play and, therefore, rely on the album format as the main vehicle for their music, there is still a distinction to be made between the indie rock bands who excel at writing an album of … [Read more...]

South Pacific – Constance

South PacificConstance Rock music's greatest talent is the ability to instantly summon up emotion with a couple of chords and a basic drumbeat. It is visceral, and the best musicians know how to cut to the quick most effectively. From ...Trail of Dead's all-out bleeding-throat assault, to David Byrne's square-peg-in-a-round-hole anthems of … [Read more...]