The Long Weekend – Feel the Way

The Long Weekend
Feel the Way

Ever wondered what would be the sounds of two folk popsters who’d dropped out of their lives as lawyers and fashion industry honchos in order to focus on their acoustic-flavoured almost-country power pop rock? Look no further.
The Long Weekend are a two piece from Melbourne featuring Jackie Moffat and Andrew Tragardh, both on guitars and vocals. Musically they’re decidedly upbeat, but never overly boppy, bordering the kind of territory inhabited previously by bands like Weddings, Parties, Anything and Things of Stone and Wood. Lyrically it’s a mixture of tough tales (“Working Poor”), optimistic toe tappers (“Heading For the Sun”), and the occasional tear jerker (“Flowers” where Moffatt’s voice in a dead ringer for the missed Kirsty Macoll), though in the latter case, Tragardh and Moffatt by keeping the pace relatively upbeat, manage, as did Club Hoy in their day, to avoid the possible pitfalls that can sometimes dog a debut release.
All in all then, a pleasant, well-balanced album of country-infused guitar rock that gets bonus points for “Gunamatta,” a five-minute blast of guitars that throws away all expectations on a peaceful Sunday afternoon.