Archives for August 2002

Spoon – Kill the Moonlight

SpoonKill the Moonlight This is the fourth release from Spoon who hail from the glorious State of Texas, which has given the music listening public many underecognized great bands. Spoon has clearly been making a point to be mentioned among some of the best coming out of the Lone Star State, and this CD most likely will cement them in this status. … [Read more...]

Pedro the Lion – Control

Pedro the LionControl First and foremost, if you are a Christian purchasing this album expecting a Christian album, be warned! Although, David Bazaan, the engine of Pedro the Lion, may be a Christian, he certainly doesnt produce Christian albums. This album contains the conroversial use of the word "shit" on the closing song, along with many other … [Read more...]

Golden Rough – Provenance

Golden RoughProvenance It's always interesting when an artist talks about their art, inside their art. The self-conscious musings you occasionally find in songs can be more interesting than the songs themselves. Of course, self-conscious thoughts can turn the song into a stunning inward glance, or a thinly-veiled ego trip. For instance, when Jeff … [Read more...]

Children of Fall – Ignition for Poor Hearts

Children of FallIgnition for Poor Hearts The Swedish band Children of Fall makes up for the shortcomings of much of the European hardcore scene. While many countries are pumping out bludgeoning and brutal metal of the darker variety, most are content with pussy-fotting around in black leather and recycling old Judas Priest riffs. Yet all that's … [Read more...]

Sukilove – Talking in the Dark EP

SukiloveTalking in the Dark EP "Sukilove is a new band. It's spelled in one word as not to be confused with the band 'Mike Love'." - From the band's website Sukilove, a five-piece band from Belgium, loves American roots music. The group's first album, Talking in the Dark, is a stripped-down EP full of appreciation of Americana, with a nod to … [Read more...]

Driving the Stake – Split CD

Driving the StakeSplit CDI bought this CD at The Conqueror Worm's last show for 2 bucks. I was so impressed by their live show that I was curious to see how they would sound recorded. When I put this CD in I was blown away, thinking of how amazing it is to hear music of this kind coming out of the depths of Michigan. The sadly departed Conqueror … [Read more...]

Satanic Surfers – Unconsciously Confined

Satanic SurfersUnconsciously ConfinedIf you've read my reviews on pop-punk before, you know I don't really like it. It tends to have nothing to say, it's a watered down genre of what was started by The Ramones and The Clash. But then again, every once in a while a punk band comes along and catches my ear, and this CD has done just that. Although … [Read more...]

Everything is Fine – Vents

Everything is FineVentsIt's not particularly difficult to make just sad music, just like it's not all that hard to make just up-beat music. The trick, like with everything, is to do it well. Some bands, like Joy Division or Nirvana, can't really help but be sad although they get there in different ways. On top of that, they're really, really good. … [Read more...]

Woke Up Falling – Dividing Blue from Blue

Woke Up FallingDividing Blue from Blue Woke Up Falling is a hard band to describe. That's not because they're doing anything drastically different, but their sound will sound familiar while still possessing an unidentifiable quality that makes it strike a chord with fans of indie and emo rock. Perhaps it's in the impeccable production or the … [Read more...]

Sparklejet – Bar Guest

SparklejetBar Guest Sparklejet's debut album nicely captures the sound of their home of Fresno, Calif., which they mention as being so hot it drives you a little crazy and being the home of crystal meth. Both of those things sound like the influence to Bar Guest, an album of gritty indie-rock, sometimes lo-fi, sometimes loud and rocking. Think a … [Read more...]