Che Chapter 127 – Profit Prophet

Che Chapter 127
Profit Prophet

Some bands have political views, and some don’t. Out of the ones that do, they’re usually quite set in their ways and opinionated. This isn’t a bad thing mind you; people should always have ideas, in order to keep the ball of life moving. But bad metaphors aside, I think it’s impossible for a person to agree with a band’s every political view. I can’t say that I agree with every lyric that Che Chapter 127 says. In fact, I disagree with a lot of it, but I do like their music, and that’s what a music review should be about. So I’ll get off of rhetoric and onto what you indie rock aficionados really want.
Che Chapter 127 is a band (obviously) and they play hardcore. What kind of hardcore you would probably ask me, but this is a complicated question. It’s not the drop D moshcore of Hatebreed, nor is it the technical mayhem of Dillinger Escape Plan. It’s certainly not the melodic angst displayed by From Autumn to Ashes, and it’s not really even old school hardcore. (Although if it had to be bottled into any of these genres, it would probably be most comfortable in the old school influenced section.) This band does their own thing, which is good, or maybe not.
The vocals – dear god the vocals. They sound like dying cats, and perhaps other domesticated mammals, or undomesticated; either way, the vocals sound painful. Not a growl, or a scream, they’re more of a whine. Kind of like Guy from Fugazi, only a lot worse. But the music is decent enough, nothing to write home about, but these guys seem comfortable with their instruments. The bass line for “The Choicelessness Parade” is pretty spiffy. It’s moving, and almost reminiscent of a Hot Water Music bass line (of course in my opinion, bass lines don’t get any better than HWM). The guitar for this song accents the vocals, playing when the vocalist moans/sings and taking pauses in the middle of the riff long enough for the bass to remind you that it kicks ass. The drums are rather simplistic, but they’re good with the rest of the band, and you can’t really put Ginger Baker with Nirvana, so I guess we can be thankful that the drums match the rest of the band’s talent level.
It sounds like I’m totally bashing this band, and they’re certainly not my thing, I mean, my listening taste goes from jazz to hardcore, and this band (if they were better) would probably fit in that spectrum. They’re adamant about their views, which I suppose is pretty mandatory if you’re going to be a political hardcore band, but I think I’ll let this one go away, and maybe come out on a rainy day that’s far far away.