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Dolly Parton – Halos and Horns

Dolly PartonHalos and Horns To end all the speculation that might be going through your head right now, let me get this out in the open and totally clarified: yes, Dolly Parton is worthy and deserving of coverage in an indie rock e-zine. For far too long now she seems to have been tossed off as some humongous-breasted blonde-wigged caricature who … [Read more...]

Joe Coffee – Bright As the Stars We’re Under

For many hardcore fans, the name Paul Bearer is immediately associated with seminal New York band Sheer Terror. Most don't know that the outfit's former frontman has a new group called Joe Coffee that just released their first album, Bright as the Stars We're Under. It's hard not to compare this venture with old Sheer Terror albums, but fans would … [Read more...]

Blue Noon – Party in a Box

Blue NoonParty in a BoxUsually, when I hear "lo-fi, electronic," I tend to think of love-lorn yet cute acts such as Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, early Beat Happening, etc. Blue Noon on the other hand does not embrace you with a kitschy escape, as their music fails to ever fully rid itself of a deep and underlying anxiety. This theme was … [Read more...]

The Nougat Fiasco – Carousel

The Nougat FiascoCarouselThe Nougat Fiasco have a song about people who 'take the fun out of music,' and another about teenagers who 'take their problems too seriously.' The irony in these songs is that they have such a "serious" tone themselves. Stranger still, the band sounds more focused and lost in their music during their "fun" compositions … [Read more...]

Robyne Dunn – Live at the Basement

Robyne DunnLive at the Basement In the frenetic paced world of CD reviewing (you there - stop snickering!), some CDs are declared amazing after one listen, only to be pawned off at the local Mr Moneybags after a few weeks when the riffs have grown unbelievably stale. Other CDs can be safely declared crap after half a rotation through the player, … [Read more...]

Panty Lions – So Dang Rad

Panty LionsSo Dang RadSimplicity is often mistaken with plainness. It's a shame, because some of the most beautiful songs owe their natural, divine bearing to simplicity. Over the course of a few decades, simple rock music has taken a backseat to the pompous songwriting flooding the airwaves; however, there seems to be a quiet resurgence in … [Read more...]

The Weakerthans – Left and Leaving

The WeakerthansLeft and Leaving The Weakerthans have proven that it can be done. With little media exposure or radio play, the band has built a solid fan base in a rather unusual way: they've written great songs, released an outstanding album, and toured relentlessly to win over hoards of Canadian fans. Left and Leaving is the band's second … [Read more...]

Six By Seven – The Way I Feel Today

Six By SevenThe Way I Feel Today Filled with aggression and armed with guitars, the four men of Six By Seven let it all hang out on their third album, The Way I Feel Today. Sometimes the result is pretty, and sometimes it's a little ugly. Sometimes it's astounding, and sometimes it's uneventful, but it is always cleverly blending British indie … [Read more...]

Thirty-two Frames – S/T

Thirty-two FramesS/T When reviewing the latest hardcore release, it's easy to dismiss the record before giving it a chance. Hardcore is a genre in which the majority of bands seem to thrive on using tried and true styles that come off like old hat. Knowing this, one often doesn't expect to be blown away when taking a listen to the latest release … [Read more...]

Dropsonic – Belle

DropsonicBelle Let me just start out by saying that Atlanta, Ga's Dropsonic have put out one hell of a record. The opening cut, "Stolen," will give you an idea what you're about get: fantastic drum, guitar, and bass sounds. Melodic vocals. Wonderfully arranged songs. A drummer that lays down some of the most solid beats this reviewer's ever heard. … [Read more...]