Tiger Fernandez – Leave the Left Leaf EP

Tiger Fernandez
Leave the Left Leaf EP

Tiger Fernandez are a four piece that hail from Luxembourg, and they take a stab at noise-inspired rock. The band has won a couple of local music competitions in and around Luxembourg to raise their appearance. They’ve also started their own label, called Own Records, set up to promote their music and others around Luxembourg. This EP is the second release from the band after they were unhappy with their debut release.
“The Maze” starts the disc of with some crackling guitar work, and a propulsive rhythm section. The guitars squeal along while Simone Ramos stammers through the lyrics. “Two and a Half” starts off with some nice atmospheric guitar that eventually gives way to shards of distortion. The song breaks down in the middle with some calm music, but then it erupts. The song loses some power after this happens, and it seems to meander along lifelessly from that point.
“They Should Break Their Mirrors” is the most interesting song here with some very nice peaceful guitar playing. The guitarist throws out some nice, tasteful, and pretty lines that fuel the whole song. “Tiger Fernandez” has the band playing quietly over what appears to be a conversation sample from a Spanish TV show. Once again here the guitar sounds like it is quietly weeping, while the bass and drums interlock creating a nice groove. It is an intriguing song that is nothing special, but a good listen plain and simple.
This EP succeeds when the band doesn’t try to do too much with the noisier aspects and lets everything flow smoothly. When they try to bring it to the next level, they occasionally loses the power and momentum. When that happens, the band seems to flounder along limply and seems somewhat uninspired. There are some very interesting musical moments on here, but not enough of them. There are worse records out there than this harmless affair, but this comes off a little limp and tired.