The Regal Line – S/T EP

The Regal Line are a three-piece band out of San Diego with a sound that will turn back to clocks to the days when things like Nashville radio ruled the day. This EP serves as a demo full of music from a time long gone, which is nice to see still in the hearts of a band like this. The lineup consists of two guitars and a stand-up bass to give a feel of a dust ball rolling through an open desert. It puts the listener in the mind of sounds that you would hear all over the place at the very early beginning of rock when it was country-based. This CD also comes in some fun packaging in a little paper sleeve with the disc shaped like a 45 record, which is always a neat effect.
“If You Decide to Go” starts this disc off with some popping noises you would most likely hear on a record that stop when the music comes in. The guitar kicks in with some nice rolling lines that accompany singer Jason Moody’s deep vocals. This song has a very nice down-home country groove that is good to hear nowadays, when most of modern country is overproduced sap. “Right By My Side” has a darker galloping sound that mixes very well with the vocals of moody and Barry Cavener. “How Do I Say I Love You” is in the form of an old country ballad done superbly in a heart wrenching manner.
It is good to hear music like this played today that harkens back to the roots of the music when it began. The music is simple, pure, and heartfelt, a contrast to these days of overproduced pop drivel. The band has a lot going for it on this disc with the minimal music that will make the listener happy to hear something this enjoyable. This CD is full of sounds of a time where music was real and something new. This is a good start and will hopefully garner some attention for this band.