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Interpol – S/T EP

InterpolS/T EP New York and I have yet to reconcile. I've always had sort of a love/hate relationship with the city. Of course, all of this is distant, since I've never been there, but bear with me. Take, for instance, the Yankees. I hate the Yankees. They always beat my Detroit Tigers. They used to beat my father's Detroit Tigers. In fact, he … [Read more...]

Radio 4 – Gotham!

Radio 4Gotham! Radio 4 hails from Brooklyn, NYC and carries lofty ambitions like many other kindred NYC artists. Borrowing as much from the sound of past NYC art-punk revolutionaries (Television, Talking Heads) as well as the more dance-oriented British post-punk artists (Gang of Four, Public Image Ltd.), the band creates high standards for … [Read more...]

Man Will Destroy Himself – Consume…Be Silent…Die EP

Man Will Destroy HimselfConsume...Be Silent...Die EP Hey all you gutter punks, pay attention! Wait, you'd have to have access to a computer to be reading this, but nonetheless, I have a band for you. Hailing from Raleigh, NC and playing heavy-ass, crusty hardcore, I give you ... Man Will Destroy Himself! All kidding aside, MWDH brings back that … [Read more...]

The GC5 – Never Bet the Devil Your Head

The GC5Never Bet the Devil Your Head If you're fed up with the turn punk has recently taken down the poppy, pretty boy road then this is the record for you. Cleveland's resident raucous punk rawkers, the GC5, bring an old-school punk ethic to their music that respectfully recalls the past and pays its dues to punk rock history while still having a … [Read more...]

Euclid Crash – F.M.O.

Euclid CrashF.M.O. So Euclid Crash hails from Oklahoma, and they rule. Two random bits of information that are not so vital and so very crucial to this review at the same time. While you're pondering my contradiction, I'll fill you in on why Euclid Crash is so great. First of all, you cannot go wrong with these vocals: a female's voice over these … [Read more...]

City of Caterpillar – S/T

City of CaterpillarS/T Most great albums come out rolling about with critical praise (and, of course, harsh nit-picking) and will ride that wave of proportioned excitement until an even better album comes out. Then, as it always does, the previous record ends up forgotten on a dorm room floor or used CD bin at your local record store. It's always … [Read more...]

Dianogah – Millions of Brazilians

DianogahMillions of Brazilians I've been a rather large fan of Dianogah ever since their first full length, As Seen From Above, which came out on Ohio Gold a number of years ago. The band formed back in 1995 in Chicago, IL and have released three full lengths and a handful of EPs to date. They have made quite a name for themselves in the past few … [Read more...]

Keram Malicki-Sanchez – The Birdseed

Keram Malicki-SanchezThe BirdseedThere are a rare breed of people who are not merely artistic but ultra-artistic. Not merely content to be in a band, they have too many ideas for one project. They play music, they write, they make films, they act, they paint, do any of a hundred other things, and they do them all with various degrees of skill that … [Read more...]

Wauvenfold – 3Fold

Wauvenfold3FoldLet me again stress my varied taste in music. I can listen to virtually anything, from folk to hardcore to rap to country, if it's unique. If it sounds like every other band in that genre, I'm probably not going to like it. Hence my problem with electronic bands. You can do a million interesting things with synthesized beats and … [Read more...]

Snowglobe – Our Land Brains

SnowglobeOur Land BrainsThere's always been a heavy dose of retro pop - an homage to the 60s, if you like - in bands like Neutral Milk Hotel and their Elephant 6 compatriots. Yet some of these bands take it further than others, providing no so much an updated take on a retro sound but trying to recreate that sound altogether. The Apples in Stereo … [Read more...]