Man Will Destroy Himself – Consume…Be Silent…Die EP

Man Will Destroy Himself
Consume…Be Silent…Die EP

Hey all you gutter punks, pay attention! Wait, you’d have to have access to a computer to be reading this, but nonetheless, I have a band for you. Hailing from Raleigh, NC and playing heavy-ass, crusty hardcore, I give you … Man Will Destroy Himself! All kidding aside, MWDH brings back that old-school hardcore ethos that says “maybe we aren’t great musicians but we are going to rip shit up.” But to the contrary, this band features Reed from hard rock heroes Corrosion of Conformity. If you’ve ever heard COC’s Deliverance album, or most anything else by them, you know how talented Reed is behind the drums. Rounding out the band is Sam (fronted one of NC’s first hardcore bands, Bloodmobile), and Abe and Dalgo who are in local Raleigh hardcore bands.
Even though Reed is the well-known musician in his band and his drumming is superb, the rest of the guys here can’t be discounted. The guitar attack is truly an attack, full-on and relentless. There is some definite straight-up rock-n-roll flavor mixed in with the old-style hardcore work; check out “My Revenge” to see for yourself. “Who’s Next?” is a ripping, tough-guy hardcore anthem with crunchy riffs. The vocals on every song are commanding and made even more forceful considering all four band members join in on the gang vocals.
Clocking in at just under 14 minutes, Consume…Be Silent…Die is a quick and satisfying listen. It will definitely get you up and moving, remembering hardcore days of yore. It’s obvious how rockin’ of a live show MWDH puts on by just giving this short album a listen. I imagine lots of beer, sweat, and broken stuff.