Hindu Playa – Cannibal Diss

Hindu Playa
Cannibal Diss

At first I thought I would give an example of Christian fundamentalist rapping or perhaps Jewish rapping as a contrast … but such an emcee battle seemed too easy, too trite. So, in an effort to really mix things up, I elected to find a Hindu rap group for contrast. Unfortunately nothing has been unearthed, and so the closest thing I could find was this 14-year-old Indian kid who has an album that is nothing but “disses,” apparently of other 14-year-old rappers he knows. The Hindu Playa has chosen not to combine Indian spiritual ragas with hip hop, but to take black music as his own – even adopting ebonics as his chosen dialect. The recordings on his album range from lo-fi to unlistenable, although there are occasional surprises of good beats (Ghostly Prism Diss) or strange amusing lyrics. When he grows up, it is possible that he will develop some skill as an emcee judging from his occasional bursts of creativity.

“Canibal Diss” begins with a string sample and chorus, sounding like the beginning of a movie. Hindu then introduces the track with faux-maniacal laughter. The beat starts somewhere far off in the background (perhaps a synth recorded without a microphone?), and his stammering rapping begins. The rhymes start out as a bad excuse to curse (“you’d better shut the fuck up or I’ll make you drink from my motherfucking cup”), and while they improve somewhat as the track progresses, they are very difficult to understand as Hindu raps sometimes under his breath (as if he were singing along to a song we can’t hear), jumbling his words completely out of sync with the beats. When he isn’t having problem with his diction or his rhythm, he is singing in a falsetto or talking about how he has won the battle of the emcees against Cannibal. While not a very creative piece (in another songs he talks about giving birth to other rappers with graphic imagery of laying semen down on a track), “Cannibal Diss” reveals Hindu Playa’s eccentricities without covering up his “wack” abilities whatsoever.

Often sounding like something that you might record as a child – the sounds of you playing with toy soldiers at battle or something equally embarrassing – Hindu Playa’s music will appeal to those with an appreciation for kitsch and a desire for things that are “so bad they’re almost good.”