Elevation74 – S/T EP


Elevation74 is better than your average rock band. But, then again, your average rock band isn’t particularly good.
This Boston-based band has generated a fair share of buzz quickly, winning some locally sponsored battle of the bands and packing the revered Middle East for a recent show. I suspect that their fans are not the typical reader of DOA – your jaded indie rockers. Those fans may not find much to like in this band’s style of catchy pop-rock. But fans of drinking to a bar band or enjoying catchy, easily digestible music might enjoy these songs and might realize that this little EP may bode well for this band’s future.
Most of this EP is forgotten as soon as it’s heard and digested, but the ridiculously catchy “All Alone” gets stuck in my head for days. A fairly straight-forward pop song, it has a more blazing chorus, as the singer belts out “all alone at the top of the world.” Slightly funky, upbeat, and catchy, it’s the band’s best song for sure, and the others here pale a bit by comparison.
The opener, “Ain’t that the Way,” is probably the band’s drinking song, combining an almost punky chorus with a slightly bluegrass-sounding guitar structure. Like its name might suggest, “Cat Scratch” is a more funky affair, led by a rather staid rhythm section and the lead singer’s vocals trying way too hard to get a bit soulful. It doesn’t work for these guys, when they’re clearly a pop band at heart. That’s shown on the guitar licks that blaze away on “Looking at You” and the closer, “Collect the Rain,” which is the band’s more heartfelt song, with deeper vocals and a lighter pace.
As far as bar bands go, Elevation74 would be a fun band to hear while drinking beer with your friends, but they need to develop more to generate more of a following outside of their hometown. Still sounding a bit too much like a jam band, they need to focus more on the catchy hooks and less and the funky guitar and bouncy rhythm. Then maybe they’ll expand their fanbase beyond Boston.