Dwindle – Expectance Acceptance EP

Expectance Acceptance EP

Dwindle are a three-piece coming out of Minneapolis, and they recorded this EP with J. Robbins as producer. This EP was supposed to come out last year as a teaser for an upcoming full-length, but both got pushed back. This EP serves as a warm-up for the upcoming second full-length from the band. This band is proficient in guitar-based indie-rock along the lines of Slint and others of that ilk.
“Resigned” is full of loud, crunching guitar work combined with very strong drumming, making a nice combination. The song has a very anthemic melody and is very catchy. “End of an Error” is a little slower with bright sparkling guitar and a very strong rhythm section moving everything along. The song cuts off at the end very abruptly, which halts the flow and stilts the impression of the song.
“Save for Future Use” starts off as a very nice slow grooving song that uses its pacing very nicely. The guitar takes on an echoey droning style that accentuates the somewhat depressed tone. The song breaks down in the middle with some frantic screaming guitar over the dark soundscape already there. This effect is top-notch on this song and makes for a very tense moment on a CD of mellow music. The disc ends with two versions of “Normative Forecasting” with very different dynamics, creating quite a different contrast between each take.
The band does a good job of keeping their more mellow music interesting and shifting for the listener. J. Robbins shows a deft touch in this recording and does a good job of keeping everything flowing, crisp, and different. The band refuse to get stuck in a mellow groove, and they show they aren’t afraid to experiment with different sounds. This EP is a good stop-gap and one that picks interest in the upcoming CD which will be interesting to hear. This has caught my interest. It is nothing breathtaking by any means, but it will be good to hear where they will be taking us next trip.