Dame Fate – Time and Tide Wait for No Man

Dame Fate
Time and Tide Wait for No Man

Dame Fate are a three-piece girl band with dream-pop/shoegazer flares to the music but with sparser arrangements. There is not a lot more than the basic guitar/bass/drums set up, occasionally peppered by keyboards, but they layer the music for more involvement. They cover aspects of failed relationships and lost loves in darker setting soundscapes. Bass player and vocalist Yalan Pappilons is at the forefront with her vocals and basswork that key the group. Her voice is somewhat reminiscent to the style of Chrissie Hynde, but not as husky and full.
“Crisp Winter” sets the disc off with a dark melody with echoing guitar and a deep slow bass line. Pappilons whispers her way through the lyrics sounding very alone and seductive. The guitar playing soars throughout catching with the other instruments, making the music more tense and tight. “River Letters” has Pappilons sounding very wistful over some rock steady drumming and buzzing keyboards. Pappilons is very tactful in her style drawing out the words letting the listener share in her pain and lonelyness.
“Lovely Drug” is a very beautiful song full of atmosphere and Pappilons’s incredible singing. The song’s lyrics are a little trite but not too bad, and Pappilons could make singing area codes both seductive and interesting. “Ceilings” has some very tasteful guitar playing that meshes perfectly with the rest of the song. Pappilons’s bass walks along with everything, sometimes leading other times laying back and following along. “Lights Out” carries a slower tempo with the bass and drums falling into a groove, while Mellissa Ferris’ guitar throws some drones into the mix.
Dame Fate depend on slow atmospheric grooves to drift along, which works very nicely to their advantage. They sound like a tight-working machine and give the impression of effortlessness. The music works well by itself but is given an extra boost by the presence of Pappilons, who seems to make the songs. Pappilons has a very sensual voice that will make you tingle and squeeze her tight if you had the chance. Though not very adventurous, there is enough going on in each song to keep you coming back and happy, especially the vocals.