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Semiautomatic – Resident Genius

SemiautomaticResident Genius My last run-in with the 5 Rue Christine label came in the form of Xiu Xiu's Knife Play. That was an album that I found hard to swallow. I thought it was a good attempt at creating an artsy album of electronic doom, but it tried too hard and ended up sounding overly serious and depressing. The next thing I know, I see … [Read more...]

The Flaming Lips – Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots

The Flaming LipsYoshimi Battles the Pink Robots I don't know how they (advertisers/marketers) did it without piles of MTV videos and a little controversial subject matter, but most everyone has heard or at least heard of the Flaming Lips. Back when killing toads with tennis rackets and learning the blood code for Mortal Kombat were desensitizing my … [Read more...]

Gas Huffer – The Rest of Us

Gas HufferThe Rest of UsGas Huffer is one of those bands I have heard about countless times, browsing through reviews, wandering around the record store, or checking off things I want in assorted mail order catalogs, and yet I have somehow managed not to ever actually listen to them until I got this in the mail. They have been around forever, with … [Read more...]

Cassius Clay – Special Guest Star

Cassius ClaySpecial Guest Star Ahhhh, the guilty pleasures of nerdy power-pop, and Cassius Clay is exactly that sort of band. The power comes in the form of big, crunchy riffs and pounding drum and bass work. The pop comes via sweet guitar hooks, polished vocals, simple but thoughtful lyrics everyone can relate to, and swirling high-pitched … [Read more...]

Roma – Surrender on Demand

RomaSurrender on Demand It is amusing to me that in the early 90s when people were throwing around the term "grunge" like Senator McCarthy threw around "communist," that it held very little meaning to most of us. It seemed like there were so many bands doing so many different things that you'd never think to put them in the same category. Mudhoney … [Read more...]

The Regal Line – S/T EP

The Regal LineS/T EP The Regal Line are a three-piece band out of San Diego with a sound that will turn back to clocks to the days when things like Nashville radio ruled the day. This EP serves as a demo full of music from a time long gone, which is nice to see still in the hearts of a band like this. The lineup consists of two guitars and a … [Read more...]

The Miracle of 86 – Kevin Kolankowski

The Miracle of 86Kevin Kolankowski The Miracle of 86 are a four-piece poppy emo band coming out of New York. They have a sound a little bit like an emo version of Counting Crows with a stripped-down folky rock sound. The CD is titled after a close friend of the band who actually helped out and played drums on the disc. The band has crafted their … [Read more...]

Dwindle – Expectance Acceptance EP

DwindleExpectance Acceptance EP Dwindle are a three-piece coming out of Minneapolis, and they recorded this EP with J. Robbins as producer. This EP was supposed to come out last year as a teaser for an upcoming full-length, but both got pushed back. This EP serves as a warm-up for the upcoming second full-length from the band. This band is … [Read more...]

Various Artists – American Polka: Old Tunes and New Sounds

Various ArtistsAmerican Polka: Old Tunes and New Sounds As every self-respecting music fan prides themselves on being open-minded, yet discriminating, connoisseurs of all cultural music traditions, it's surprising that most wouldn't touch polka with a 10 foot wiener schnitzel. It features many of the hallmarks of classic ethnic folk styles - it has … [Read more...]

Picastro – Red Your Blues

PicastroRed Your BluesAlready on the tongues of tastemakers everywhere North of the border, Toronto's Picastro are a succulent mix of female vocals, cello, steeped electric and acoustic guitars, and drums to dwell upon. Red Your Blues is stunning in that its originator Liz Hysen genetically is supposed to be deaf. Reading that tidbit of … [Read more...]