Things in Herds – I Can Dancing and Walking

Things in Herds
I Can Dancing and Walking

Things in Herd is essentially the 8-track records of British songster Pete Lush. Known through different MP3 websites for folk songs peppered with electronic backing, Things in Herds’ music has also been featured in the film “The Hi-Line” for more exposure. Lush has a voice that is at times Damon Albarn and some parts Nick Drake.
“Always Disappear” starts off with programmed backing and quietly strummed guitars. The song is added to greatly by whirling, sputtering effects and Albarn-like vocals. “Please Don’t Turn Out The Lights” is a highlight with a rolling guitar pattern, and Lush’s melancholic vocals. Lush sounds downright distraught through this song, with sparkling guitar and darker electronics. On “Too Happy….” Lush employs a warbling and crackling vocal approach with chiming guitars.
“Now We Slide” is the moment most like Sparklehorse with beeping electronics and sharp guitar work. The song is enhanced by the backing vocals of Miss Ping that blend nicely with Lush. “Mothing Much” has Lush evoking Nick Drake with his hushed lyrics and sparse guitar. Lush has created a great piece of morose folk, with chirping electronics added. “Sad Song” has Lush sounding a little like a well worn Albarn with slightly picked guitar work.
With this release, Lush has created an albums worth of dour folk songs and has spiced them up with interesting effects throughout. This CD is one you need to listen to a number of times to truly hear its beauty and nuances. Lush proves himself capable of pulling of folk structures with added electronic textures. He has made a record that will catch you immediately upon first listen, but won’t set in until given a few chances. It is a record that needs time to grow, but given that chance it won’t disappoint.