The Tim Version – Go Halves on a Bastard

The Tim Version
Go Halves on a Bastard

Two punk bands with funny bands split something that’s a bit longer than an EP, a bit shorter than a full-length, and full of so much aggressive punk-rock that you couldn’t want more or less. The first band is fond of furry rodents and comes from DC, the second is from Florida and does not include anyone named Tim. There is nothing more important to impart beyond that, for their own brands of punk will stand for themselves.
Those Chinchilla guys are really the more intriguing punk band here. Something about those gravelly vocals that turn a basic hardcore act into something more aggressive, more hardcore, and I like that. Their music is totally balls-out, as represented on the opener “Storied Faces, Bad Tattoos,” aggressive punk-rock, with some backing vocals that almost fall into the chant along category, but not quite. “Georgia Ave.” is even better, filled with fantastic, melodic guitarwork and emphatic vocals that merge on the emo-punk category. “Drink Till the Mirror Love You” is total aggro-hardcore/punk, with chugging metal-like guitar riffs, and “60 Hour Greyhound” closes a bit more standard punk.
The Tim Version are a bit less hardcore and more straightforward punk than their partners in arms, but they rock no less hard. In fact, “Lloyd” is one of the most aggressive punk songs I’ve heard in a while, and there’s some punk-rock shouting going on on “Pictures of Lily White Asses.” These guys are wise asses, as you can tell with song titles like “I Left My Nuts in San Francisco,” a high-speed blast, and the odd, lo-fi countrified closer, “Another Beer in the Fridge Pt. III.”
Both of these bands seem spatially challenged, as it’s unclear if their appropriate names are Superchinchillarescuemission and The Timversion. Regardless, they go together like peanut butter and kick ass rock-n-roll. I prefer the more aggressive hardcore sound of the Chinchilla boys, but Tim Version keep up quite well. Not bad stuff for the punk fan in you struggling to get out and down a few beers.