The Switch – S/T EP

The Switch

The Switch are a five-piece band of college students coming out of Providence, R.I. The group of band members met in college and decided to get together and take a shot in music. They mix in some new-wave synth/keyboard sounds to their poppy music. This quick three-song EP, without titles, doesn’t really change from song to song, staying in the same musical territory through most of the disc.
The first track is a jumpy tune led by some chiming, rolling guitars, and soaring synth The vocals are sung in a squelched, choked manner that give way to some skittering synth chimes. Track two has the singer sounding like a more restrained Perry Farrel croak. This song also uses up-front floating and croaking synth squalls to lead the music on it’s journey. Track three has a fuller sound to it that isn’t as dominated by the synth, though it is clearly present. It attempt to reach a point that the band is not capable of attaining and falls short of its goal.
The Switch pull of the music pretty well but come out sounding too much like a lesser version of a band like The Get Up Kids. They use more synthesizer too brighten the music and to make it a little more compelling, but it is too restrained. It would be interesting too hear what the band would sound like if they would let go on more occasions. The music is not that bad, and with less restrain could be much more appealing and make better listening.