The Gadjits – Today is My Day

The Gadjits
Today is My Day

Go go Gadjit garage-roots! Go go Gadjit indie-blues! Form of a bucket of water … no no, that’s something else. Something about a monkey named Gleep? Oh, hey, how are you? I know the spelling is different, but the freakish cartoon character with Maxwell Smart’s voice had to be mentioned for some reason. But with that out of the way let’s talk about Kansas City’s The Gadjits and their Today is My Day release.
I might actually have you believing me momentarily were I to tell you that this is a hushed Chris Robinson (Black Crowes) side project when “We Were Right” opens a soulful rock number that approaches spirited gospel proportions and preaching “we were right all along.” But that’s sort of corny, so scratch that. With their roots ripped from the Epitaph Records imprint label Hellcat, The Gadjits is brothers Adam, Brandon, and Zach Phillips who at an early age toured under the guise of a punk/ska band with Rancid’s Tim Armstrong serving as mentor. Well, times have changed, and what once bounced it’s way into the listeners ear now swaggers with soul and the sound is distinctly American.
A number of years ago I might have tried to fit The Gadjits’ song “Waffle House is Not a Home” and its twangy guitar into some alternative-country rock category as I did more easily with the band Blue Mountain, but now that wouldn’t seem fair. And as much as those perusing the pages of No Depression might want to check this release out, it seems strange that I should also beckon Ted Leo fanatics to come check out the treble trouble happening in songs “One Stones Throw from a Riot” and “All the Way.” Along with Mike Alexander on guitar and Ehren Starks on the keys, The Phillips brothers are very much like the brothers Leo in that they absolutely got their rock licks down pat. Under some heavy-cast shadows from those oversized garages in the next neighborhood and the overkill bands that play in them, The Gadjits are the ones playing the real stuff. Just a little bit further down on rock street, left on blues street, straight on soul ave. is where you’ll find them playing Today is My Day.