Secret Primper – Alliteration and You

Secret Primper
Alliteration and You

Secret Primper’s style ranges all over the map. Instrumentally, the band is solid. The drums are consistent, though they could be a bit louder in the production mix. The guitars and bass are the best instruments on this record as they shine through raucous and rowdy. The main problem with this record is the vocals. On a few occasions they blend in, but the majority of the time they just do not flow with the rest of the band. It seems as if the singer is trying to hit too many different styles. One song its whiny, another song its more of a yell. Whatever the case, some work could be done to improve this area.
In terms of production, the record could have been a bit more smoothly handled. In some cases, the mix doesn’t quite seem right. The overall effect is that this record sounds more like a demo than a true full-length release.
“Blamed on Altitude” starts off with a solid blend of indie-rock chords and tight musicianship. However, when the vocals come in they sound quite off-key. It’s almost as if the vocalist is going for a Bob Dylan-esque whine, but that style does not fit in well with the material at hand. “Also-ran” is another solidly crafted cut that shows off the band’s talent. Again though, the vocals seem to need a bit of fine tuning before this song truly takes form.
“Safetylocked” is one track where the vocals are close to fitting the tone of the song. This cut is a bit lighter in mood, and the vocals follow suit and are slightly restrained, which makes this song a notch higher than the majority of the rest. “Declaration Day” gives off the same feel as well. If the rest of the record were a bit more honed down, the results would have been better.
Overall, Secret Primper has some potential. They prove that they can write solid indie rock on most of these tracks. They really only need some tweaking in terms of production and vocals. After that, the sky is the limit.