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John Vanderslice – Life and Death of an American Fourtracker

John VandersliceLife and Death of an American FourtrackerAs a child, I always hated putting together puzzles. The frustration and monotony of looking for that one piece that fits together with one other piece was just too much for my fragile pre-adolescent psyche, and I soon realized that my mind just wasn't wired for problem solving. Considering … [Read more...]

The Gadjits – Today is My Day

The GadjitsToday is My DayGo go Gadjit garage-roots! Go go Gadjit indie-blues! Form of a bucket of water ... no no, that's something else. Something about a monkey named Gleep? Oh, hey, how are you? I know the spelling is different, but the freakish cartoon character with Maxwell Smart's voice had to be mentioned for some reason. But with that out … [Read more...]

The Fall on Deaf Ears – S/T EP

The Fall on Deaf EarsS/T EPSo in the wake of At the Drive-In we're beginning to hear a lot about the ashes of the band: Mars Volta and Sparta. Whoop de do. After a couple of good MP3 demos, Sparta's debut EP was disappointing, and though I've heard good things about Mars Volta, their MP3 files are a bit disappointing. What did I expect? We've got … [Read more...]

Tiara – Titletron

TiaraTitletronThe second track of this LP is featured on CMJ's music sampler enclosed in their most recent issue of New Music Magazine. If you don't have enough to buy this puppy, you can pick up a taste there. From the label that brought us Kind of Like Spitting, Sarge, Braid, and more, Grand Theft Autumn Records just released this Tiara LP, and … [Read more...]

The Pattern – Immediately EP

The PatternImmediately EP I've never been to Oakland. Hell, I've never even been to California. I'm a New Yorker, East Coast all the way. But the quintet from the Bay Area, The Pattern, make me wanna move out west, if only to see if this foot-stomping, head-bopping, garage-tinged rock 'n roll is any example of the music coming from the area. If … [Read more...]

27 – Animal Life

27Animal LifeToo many bands are proud to recycle their influences; 27 gets instant credit for consciously trying to create some kind of space of their own. Animal Life comes in at just over 40 minutes, and it's a nicely complete thought. The members sound fully comfortable with their skills, to the point of cockiness at times, but that's not really … [Read more...]

Telegraph – Stellar Lovers Vol. 1 & 2

TelegraphStellar Lovers Vol. 1 & 2 Telegraph is one of many projects by the multi-talented Darren Callahan, also of bands like Oo Wa Wa, Travel, Teenage Blackout, and assorted others. Of all of those projects, Telegraph is likely the prettiest, and this latest double CD (sold separately a la Use Your Illusion) shows off the innovative nature of … [Read more...]

Safe Return Doubtful – S/T

Safe Return DoubtfulS/T It's rare that we get something to review without band information or at least a web link to find out more about the musicians involved, but this release turned up on its own with merely an e-mail address for contact, and web searches proved fruitless. So all I know about Rock Hill, S.C.'s Safe Return Doubtful is that they … [Read more...]

Puckett – 23

Puckett23 There's no doubting Puckett's commercial appeal. Their songs seem perfectly suited toward 13-18 year olds, with clear lyrics about wanting to date a good friend and dating a friend's ex-girlfriend. The music is just as compatible, centered around acoustic and electric guitar and singer Matthew Puckett's strong rock-singer vocals. Puckett … [Read more...]

Faith Kleppinger – Asleep in the Well

Faith KleppingerAsleep in the Well There's no doubt about it: Faith Kleppinger has a beautiful voice. However, a beautiful voice can only carry one so far. Without the ability to write good and interesting songs, a voice is just a voice. Kleppinger, formerly the singer of a roots-pop band Little Bobby Taylors, now lives in Atlanta and has been … [Read more...]