Lakeside Project – Animal Logic EP

Lakeside Project
Animal Logic EP

The goal of Boston’s Lakeside Project is to turn noise into melody, and the band has done that quite nicely on this, their debut EP. In just five songs, you get an interesting progression of this band, from mellow and dreamy instrumentals with some interesting electronics to more noisy, more chaotic pieces filled with vocals and emphasis on the guitar. While their forays into noisy synthesized sounds doesn’t always have the payoff I suspect the band was hoping for, it shows enough experimentation to give the songs a unique feel.
The melodic and pretty “Thirty Year Waiting List” starts off the EP and definitely hooks you in. With some light electronic beats and synths providing the background, lovely guitar on top gives the song a nice flow. The almost nine-minute “Hutchison Effect” is more discordant, mixing in angrier sounds and a harsher guitar tone that are kind of crunchy. Vocals come in first on the more laid-back “Sewing Machine,” and they possess a kind of spacey, almost shoegazer quality that fits this sweet-sounding song quite nicely.
From there, the band goes in a slightly different direction. Less focused on sweet-sounding melody, the remaining two songs show a more experimental and noise-focused song. The vocals on “Sick So Pretty” are distorted and rough, and a more Sonic Youth-esque feel is prevalent over a more moody rhythm and noisy guitars. “Bear Attack” closes with another instrumental, and while it’s more restrained and melodic, there’s still a harshness to the guitars and more focus on analog noises. It ends quite sweetly, though.
Animal Logic has the feel of a band with a ton of talent who hasn’t quite realized their direction. At times sweetly flowing and quite pleasant, at other times the band cops Sonic Youth and experiments a bit much for their own good. Still, there are some excellent songs on here, and it makes for a very enjoyable listen.