Hagpop – I Bid Them Farewell

I Bid Them Farewell

Hagpop seems to be just some guy with a guitar/keyboard and a computer to record and twist some sounds around. It appears he has only recorded one song, like a collection of ideas which never quite came to fruition as a bigger project. These audio notes that he has taken conjure up a lot of images though, and they are almost beautiful in their simplicity. While not really a band or performance group (or even a fully realized singer-songwriter/solo artist), Hagpop is some enjoyable food for thought, andit is fun to stick on your soundtrack to a lazy summer day BBQ.

“I Bid Them Farewell” begins with a solo acoustic guitar and a man’s voice singing along under his breath almost inaudibly. Artificial room ambience is used effectively, giving the piece a dreamy reflective feel. After one round, the opening section begins to play over again with a watery chorus effect (the same one Medicine used on their contribution to the Crow Soundtrack). The effect lifts, and the guitar detunes and fades out. After an unusual moment of silence, something that could be the guitar (pitch shifted down several octaves) returns, playing what seems to be a different melody with a similar chord pattern. This gives the effect of having awaken into a dream or having now entered the viscous foggy past after a more lively stint in present time.

It will be interesting to see what, if anything, these brief and truncated musical ideas manifest themselves as in the context of a more serious investment of time and effort. The ability to capture or create mood is difficult for many artists. To listen to how effortlessly Hagpop applies colors to stress particular emotions is a pleasant experience, even in what appears to be an unfinished form.