First Night on Earth – No One Knows Everything For Sure

First Night on Earth
No One Knows Everything For Sure

First Night on Earth are a five piece dream pop/shoegazer band out of North Carolina. They are led by Wes Grasty formerly of Laburnum, but they have a much more pronounced shoegazer influence. The band harkens back to the glory days of British shoegazer bands like Ride, Chapterhouse, and My Bloody Valentine. They revel in feedback drenched washes with electronics thrown in.
“Misunderstood” is a cascading waterfall of sound with guitars crashing and electronic bleatings. The vocals come prominently over the sound, and they avoid being drowned out unlike some other groups. “The Thrill” carries a slower, simmering, cloud-like melody that is not as drenched in feedback and distortion. Tina Cargill’s backing vocals fit very nicely accompanying Grasty’s. “Someday” is hindered by some stiff drum programming, and bland programming and vocals.
“Get It Out” is a nice soaring psych-influenced song with spacey guitars and ever-present keyboards. The song soars along with the intertwining vocals wailing overhead. “I’ve Been Told” has a very good walking bass line while also utilizing effects laden guitarwork. “Tradition is Boring” uses blistering electronics and a wavering vocal effect to make for a different soundscape. The guitar flows on the top, throwing out haze filled shards of noise. The disc ends in a rehash of “Misunderstood” that doesn’t change much and only adds some effects.
First Night on Earth has a darker sound than many of the prior shoegazer bands and one that doesn’t really catch the listener. There are some limp moments, and it occasioally becomes grating though not terribly bothersome. They do their best when the music has more of a dreamy quality to it and reach for a higher quality mark. The music doesn’t have the majestic soaring qualities of some of the other like-style bands, which hurts them a little. The disc drags a little in spots and is a little limp – though a good listen, it isn’t very compelling.