Capitol K – Island Row

Capitol K
Island Row

Capitol K is the name used by Kristian Craig Robinson to perform his elecronic experiments mixed with organic sounds. Island Row is not full of your normal dance floor fare, that uses distortion, fast and slow beats, and a lot more thrown together. The record is full of jumbled found sounds spliced together with the intent to get you moving. Robinson has roots in noise rock bands in the mold of Sonic Youth and Fugazi, and that comes through in his compositions.
“City” starts off with ringing guitars and a minimal beat with sputtering electronics that come in and out. The song changes on many occasion, sometimes with the effects bouncing off each other then breaking in with a sparse beat and silence. Through all the distortion and stammering noise, the song maintains an extra catchy flow. “Pillow” sets a dreamy soundscape with faulty electronics and high pitched vocals. “Anon” starts off with some white noise type of effects that break off into a catchy Eastern melody with vocals that enhance the song.
“Capitol Beat Sticky” is a rhythmic, driving song with effects that sound like they could have come straight from outer space. “Breakers” has a more experimental sound to it with the use of white noise and static. It is full of whirling electronics and colliding noises, but it keeps a solid rhythm. “Heat” is slower with popping electronics that get built upon with ringing guitars and slow burning effects. “Monster” builds a very interesting background with rolling noises and strong programming.
Robinson creates a record that will make you think and want to listen to again to see what type of sounds you have missed. All the songs have a lot going on in them and sounds randomly thrown together, but that works more often than not in this album. It is very hard to focus on one thing in each song since there are many elements that will catch your attention. The CD has plenty of songs that will be able to get you moving and that is its goal, but still it will be something you will find yourself listening to as time goes by. Not just music for the dance floor or parties, but can be enjoyed in any setting it is listened to in.