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Hagpop – I Bid Them Farewell

HagpopI Bid Them FarewellHagpop seems to be just some guy with a guitar/keyboard and a computer to record and twist some sounds around. It appears he has only recorded one song, like a collection of ideas which never quite came to fruition as a bigger project. These audio notes that he has taken conjure up a lot of images though, and they are … [Read more...]

Grandáma – I Woke Up

GrandámaI Woke UpGrandáma's music is a cup of hot soup, laced with codeine. The perfect soundtrack to a dreary overcast day, the band is uplifting in a subtle, almost lazy manner. "Shoegazer" labels are probably impossible to avoid with their thick dreamy sound and heavily strummed intro riffs. Allowing their tracks to reach their … [Read more...]

Various Artists – Estrus Double Dynomite Sampler, Vol. 3

Various ArtistsEstrus Double Dynomite Sampler, Vol. 3 Estrus Records, one of the pre-eminent labels in the Pacific Northwest, has been going strong for many years, serving up bold, gritty, and diverse rock and roll. No matter what sub-genre or category that you have a taste for - from surf to psychobilly - Estrus dishes it up with a growl. For the … [Read more...]

Pere Ubu – St Arkansas

Pere UbuSt ArkansasPere Ubu has held up surprisingly well for the past 11 albums. While it is likely that many a "hardcore" Ubu fan was turned off by the more poppy affairs of the late 80s and early 90s (particularly the straightforward Cloudland, even though it was an excellent album), the band has remained credible for its entire career. Though … [Read more...]

Buffalo Tom – Besides

Whilst 2000's Asides collection documented the most rocking and best remembered highlights from Buffalo Tom's six studio albums to date, this sibling set of flipsides and obscurities shows a different side to Boston's most enduring power-rock-trio. It represents a looser, more experimental edge to their oeuvre. Which is, of course, a typical trait … [Read more...]

Sonic Youth – Murray Street

Sonic YouthMurray StreetSonic Youth. The very name evokes a pictorial sense of nostalgia: washing machines on blue shirts, candles, Muppets, blue jeans, slow-motion b/w videos; these genre defining images of the late 80s and early 90s will forever be imbedded in our brains. However, in the status quo, Sonic Youth is no longer the poster group of … [Read more...]

The Get Up Kids – On a Wire

The Get Up KidsOn a WireI will be the first to admit that when I saw The Get Up Kids a few months ago and heard them crank out new song after new song, I was unimpressed. Actually, disappointed is a more appropriate word. Still, I tried to forget that while putting On a Wire into my stereo for the first time, and it worked. Right from the start, … [Read more...]

Secret Primper – Alliteration and You

Secret PrimperAlliteration and You Secret Primper's style ranges all over the map. Instrumentally, the band is solid. The drums are consistent, though they could be a bit louder in the production mix. The guitars and bass are the best instruments on this record as they shine through raucous and rowdy. The main problem with this record is the … [Read more...]

The Switch – S/T EP

The SwitchS/T EP The Switch are a five-piece band of college students coming out of Providence, R.I. The group of band members met in college and decided to get together and take a shot in music. They mix in some new-wave synth/keyboard sounds to their poppy music. This quick three-song EP, without titles, doesn't really change from song to song, … [Read more...]

First Night on Earth – No One Knows Everything For Sure

First Night on EarthNo One Knows Everything For SureFirst Night on Earth are a five piece dream pop/shoegazer band out of North Carolina. They are led by Wes Grasty formerly of Laburnum, but they have a much more pronounced shoegazer influence. The band harkens back to the glory days of British shoegazer bands like Ride, Chapterhouse, and My Bloody … [Read more...]