Tungsten74 – Await Further Instructions

Await Further Instructions

Not necessarily a retrospective ode to New York’s no-wave movement, Brooklyn’s Tungsten74 create post-modern noisescapes with broad strokes from an influential palate of kraut-rock and terrastock sounds. Await Further Instructions‘ cover alone reminds me of the visual mystique that often accompanied early releases from UK-based indie-noise impressionists Flying Saucer Attack. Similarities between the two goes beyond the surface, but where FSA sometimes cloaked their attempts at song-craft in home recorded noise, Tungsten74 are simply more diverse and often leave melodies and structures more exposed for the listener to hear.
Recording again in Amarillo, Texas with engineer Drew Holder, Await Further Instructions is the second release from Tungsten74 and follows a 1999 debut release titled An Attempt to Suppress Dissent. Their approach was an ironic “themes from improvisations” one that unidentified members want you the listener to know helped to shape songs. It’s an approach that Darla Records noise guys Bright also took and worked quite successfully with. Somewhere in the two recorded, finalized and connected opening songs “Generic Foreign Accent” and “Cut It Off (When It…)” there is nothing and something. Something from nothing and nothing from something or “themes from improvisations.” Perhaps all songs are formed in this manner, but without carefully laid theories and guiding lyric, things which Await Further Instructions is void of, noisescapes are open for interpretation and are reasons that many like this niche art amongst indie-rock. That and the fact that Tungsten74 punch-in a recording of what I have to assume is a rumbling Harley-Davidson at the beginning of “Upgrade to Flash Gordon” resulting in a juxtaposition of contemporary audio stimulation from gears and guitars.
Tungsten74 put their rock pants on (the ones they borrowed from Turing Machine) one leg at a time for songs “Transdermal” and “What Hip-Hop Smells Like,” but they can also venture into a tribal world of sonic spirits, guitar loops, buried voices, and flutes found in the songs “I.F.L.W.” and “High Plains Rehab.” Open for interpretation with various x and y factors shaping their songs, the listener should go ahead and assemble whatever it is that Tungsten74 have created in Await Further Instructions.