The Dishwater Psychics – The Signal Will Fade

The Dishwater Psychics
The Signal Will Fade

This album isn’t offensively bad, and the world isn’t necessarily any worse off for it having been made. It’s just that there isn’t a single reason I can think of to recommend it to anyone. There’s just not really a whole lot going on. The playing is largely uninspiring, the vocals and lyrics are both dull, and the overall sound is okay at best. There’s a lot more that could have been done to make these songs at least remotely interesting, but the band was either too limited or too uninspired to do it.
A sure sign of a band hurting for inspiration, they use the word fuck in two songs out of five and a third features the line, “You’re one step away from pissing me off.” Elsewhere, the lyrics are so pointless they’re not worth repeating. Something tells me these guys may have more talent than this record suggests, but I’ll need to hear more before I decide for sure.
The songs feel completely disjointed and lacking in any kind of chemistry or band interaction. The acoustic guitar sound they use is so ridiculously irritating that it is almost vomit-inducing, especially on the silly “High Pitched Racer.” It’s like no one’s really sure what they’re supposed to be doing. The main vocals are grating in a high-school musical kind of way, although they do pull off some nice harmony vocals here and there. Everyone is always getting in each other’s way musically, which muddies the overall sound. “The Glass Awaits” is the best song on here, although it too gets saddled with hokey lyrics. This seems to want to be indie-rock, but it’s closer to the crap that dominated radio in the mid and late 90’s: Marcy Playground, Collective Soul, Third Eye Blind, etc.
These guys need to throw out that acoustic guitar, try and find some subject matter that is worth writing a song about, and buy lots of Elvis Costello albums. Likewise, they need to do something, anything, to create a sound, a lyric, a feel that is even half-way exciting. Otherwise, what’s the point? As for this album, to make the obvious dig, the signal doesn’t fade fast enough.