The Capsules – Reverser

The Capsules

The Capsules are led by Julie and Jason Shields who were formerly in the under-recognized band Shallow. The Capsules specialize in soaring melodies, with the almost adolescent vocals of Julie soaring over top. They create sparse, flowing, dreamy melodies with some very good pop hooks to keep the listener interested. The sparse nature of the music keeps the listener interested and hooked on what is happening in the song, creating a little bit of an ambient feel to some of the tracks.
“A Place To Stay” starts the disc off with a flowing dreamy melody mixed in with sound effects of crashing waves. Julie’s vocals soar over the repeating guitar lines, sound effects, and rolling cymbal crashes. “I’ll Be The One” makes perfect effects from mixing two vocal tracks with each other for a very interesting vocal melody. Julie’s voice is very strong on both vocal tracks, and the soaring music eventually gives way to a more minimalistic guitar part. The Capsules prove that they are adapt at building up their momentum in their quieter moments and then bursting out with dream pop beauty. “Someday” has a very beautiful flowing sparse melody, with melancholic vocals that occasionally come off a little bit like the Chipmunks with Julie’s high pitched voice.
“Bee Keeper” shows off how beautiful Julie’s voice can be, and she puts the listener into a dream like state. Their are some swirling sound effects and keyboard work that lay down a cloudy track that accentuates the haziness of the song. “Lift Off” does exactly what its titles says, with soaring melodies building and dropping with some interesting effects adding to the song. “When You Were Young” uses the sparse music as a formation for some achingly beautiful vocals that can almost put the listener to sleep. The melodies just float in and out while the vocals combine perfectly, rarely interrupting the music.
The Capsules first release shows just how beautiful a good band can be, when they know what they are doing. The music flows on a dream-like level throughout the whole CD with Julie’s voice being a powerful enough tool to break through. The songs occasionally blend into each other, at points making it hard to discern which song is which, but with such beautiful music it doesn’t make that much of a difference. The music has a drowsy tone to it that is very relaxing to listen to, sometimes too much so that it is hard to stay awake. Reverser is a soaring dreamy release with some ambient moments that lets the listener know what the Capsules are all about.