Sciflyer – Melt EP

Melt EP

Melt is the second release by the shoegazer/dream-pop band Sciflyer out of California. Sciflyer is led by the husband/wife team of Steve and Kathy Kennedy, on guitar and bass, and Roger Chandler on drums. The Kennedys have had experience in a bunch of other smaller bands before deciding to start Sciflyer, who released their first full length in 2000. This time around, Sciflyer decided to use a little better equipment, instead of working on their 4 track, to liven up their sound, and it worked.
“Slowfire” start off with some chiming guitars and solid drumming eventually giving way to a blast of distorted guitar and blended together rhythm section. Both of the Kennedy’s vocals seem to float above the cacophonous sound of the band, adding warmth to the music. The vocals are a little hard to decipher on this track, with the voice coming out stronger over the haze. “Studio Audience” is the best track on this disc, with its wah wah guitar work and beautiful, atmospheric, floating melodies. Again the vocals are a little hard to distinguish over the music, which put the focus on the music which is a good thing.
For the last track on the EP, Sciflyer decides to take a stab at Husker Du’s “Powerline” from their classic New Day Rising. ” Powerline” starts off with some blaring, aggressive guitars and powerful driving drumwork. Sciflyer pretty much capture the essence of the music, while making it their own blend of dream pop. The part that is lacking in their version is the tension of the vocals in the original. Here the vocals seem uninterested and drawn out, which is a shame seeing as they surprisingly pull off a good version of the song.
Sciflyer has put together a good three-song EP that with a little more work could have been better. Sciflyer show what they can do with a track like “Studio Audience” where it’s hard not to get caught in its beauty and atmosphere. The band is good at creating different musical landscapes, but with better vocals, there may be more to talk about. It’s hard not to like a band like this, but all in all they have released a good EP that has nothing to distinguish itself from anything else, which is a little disappointing.