Pig Destroyer – Split 3" CD

Pig Destroyer
Split 3" CD

Sometimes little things pack the biggest punch. Look at those little frogs in the rain forest; you can hold them in the palm of your hand, but they contain enough poison to dilute the water supply of an entire city. And then there’s wasabi … the tiny green glob of it on the side of your sushi tray looks harmless enough, but if you were to eat the whole thing at once you’d experience a pain no one was ever meant to know. So when I got this tiny mini-CD (3″) in my stack of promos, my natural reaction was “Awww … look at the little guy.” But this split mini-CD from grindcore bands Benumb and Pig Destroyer is deceptively tiny, like Joe Peschi in Casino. Sure it’s small, but it’s totally willing and able to kick the crap out of you.
The mayhem begins with three songs from Oakland’s Benumb. Despite this being on Robotic Empire, both bands are signed to staple metal-label Relapse on which Benumb released their previous two albums. The one thing that drags down Benumb here is sound quality; the drums sound like a bomb is being dropped. (That’s not meant as a compliment, either.) The vocals also suffer as a result of the bad sound. Sometimes they are sharp and clear, but at others the singer sounds like he has a sock stuffed down his throat. Benumb’s only redeeming quality is their powerful breakdowns that provide a much needed momentary break from their insanely fast tempo.
Washington, DC’s Pig Destroyer clocks in with the stronger half of this split. Their last album Prowler in the Yard, a concept album detailing the thoughts of a stalker as he sits outside of his ex-girlfriend’s house, garnered a good bit of critical praise. Pig Destroyer’s music is best described as grindcore with more hardcore leanings. If it was possible to tune out Pig Destroyer’s wicked intensity, you’d miss their shotgun job of seven songs in four minutes, but trying to ignore their music is like attempting to tune out a jackhammer outside your window at seven in the morning. The only song of note here is a cover of The Dwarves’ “Fuck You Up and Get High.”
This album was too much metal for me, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. The complete balls-to-the-wall grind stuff just doesn’t do it for me. Maybe I should go live in the wilderness and wrestle mountain lions with my bare-hands to toughen up to the point of enjoying this CD. Don’t get me wrong, I like metal but it’s usually melodic and from Sweden. Featuring 10 songs and clocking in at just seven minutes, I’d say that’s about my limit for listening to this. With that said, I can see how people who are more into this type of stuff could appreciate it. As for me, give me Gothenburg any day.