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Fairburn Royals – The Sunshine Slowdown

Fairburn RoyalsThe Sunshine Slowdown Having grown up as one of the millions of adolescent boys caught up in the baseball card explosion of the mid to late 80's, there is a tendency for me to view each artist's debut album as their "rookie" album now that my obsession has been transferred to music. Of course, in baseball card terms, a "rookie card," … [Read more...]

Prosolar Mechanics – Urban Development Series Vol.4 Split EP

Prosolar MechanicsUrban Development Series Vol.4 Split EPSo Baltimore Maryland label amBiguous CITY! Records continue their Urban Development split series with volume 4 featuring Maryland's Landspeedrecord! and New Jersey's Prosolar Mechanics. The split 7" or glorified CD EP is a great way to promote a label's roster list and seems to me an … [Read more...]

Whippersnapper – Appearances Wear Thin

WhippersnapperAppearances Wear ThinWelcome to Whippersnapper's world. You're a young punk band from Georgia with more records to your name than your birth certificate would allow others to think. You've already toured with most of your heroes: The Queers, Lagwagon, Hot Water Music, and Less than Jake. You have a beat-up van. Most of the girls you … [Read more...]

Avoid One Thing – S/T

Avoid One ThingS/TIf you ask the average Joe punk fan who he knows from the Boston scene, chances are he will cite two specific bands: the Dropkick Murphys and Mighty Mighty Bosstones. Both bands are representative of the famous Irish blue-collar working class that has shaped much of the city's reputation. However, Beantown's Avoid One Thing … [Read more...]

Oxes – Oxxxes

OxesOxxxesThe Oxes - three guys from Baltimore with chips on their shoulders the size of Buicks - play loud, fast songs that sound as if they were written on a runaway train, bound by barbed wire, thrown into a blender, and poured back into their heads before being played. Obscure, remote, fanciful, imaginary, visionary are all words that could be … [Read more...]

The Dishwater Psychics – The Signal Will Fade

The Dishwater PsychicsThe Signal Will FadeThis album isn't offensively bad, and the world isn't necessarily any worse off for it having been made. It's just that there isn't a single reason I can think of to recommend it to anyone. There's just not really a whole lot going on. The playing is largely uninspiring, the vocals and lyrics are both dull, … [Read more...]

Ultrapull – From All Directions

UltrapullFrom All Directions The first thing that stands out about Ultrapull's debut full-length, From All Directions, is its high production quality. One would not normally think that a relatively obscure and unknown label such as Gold Circle would spring the kind of cash necessary to achieve such a polished sound. The history of Ultrapull starts … [Read more...]

Various Artists – Color While You Listen 7"

Various ArtistsColor While You Listen 7" Various artist 7" records are a funny thing. While CDs are easier to listen to, there's something enjoyable about getting a 7" with a bunch of bands. Plus, you tend to find bands that are harder to track down on CD, and that makes it all the more worth it. These five bands are all from upstate New York, … [Read more...]

Vapourspace – Sonic Residue from Vapourspace: The Magna Carta Remix Series, Vol. 1

VapourspaceSonic Residue from Vapourspace: The Magna Carta Remix Series, Vol. 1 It took me a while to get clear on the premise here. Apparently Vapourspace, which is the moniker for artist Mark Gage, was long admired by Peter Morticelli, who runs the rock label Magna Carta. So he asked Gage to give the electronic treatment to Magna Carta's … [Read more...]

Rilo Kiley – Science vs. Romance 7"

Rilo KileyScience vs. Romance 7"This LA four-piece clearly has the ability to win over your heart. Light and pleasant, it's led by singer Jenny Lewis' beautiful and expressive voice. Now signed to Barsuk Records, who released Take Offs and Landings that features the title song, this 7" is released on a UK label and has the even better song, … [Read more...]