Death of Marat – All Eyes Open

Death of Marat
All Eyes Open

All Eyes Open is the sophmore release from the Pheonix-based band Death of Marat, a three-piece that specializes in constructing pieces of noisy dark rock with varying influences. Death of Marat started out as a two piece with singer/drummer Jeff Wright, and guitarist Mike Juliano, they later added bassist John Brandon. This CD is a very dark record that sets its tone right away and doesn’t stray from it.
“Science of Sorcery” starts the disc off with some menacing drums, pounding bass, and sharp stabbing guitars. This track is full of tension that sounds like it’s ready to explode at any moment, yet holds its form. “All Eyes Open” slows the tempo slightly, creating a frightening soundscape. The drums and bass pound along at a militaristic pace while the guitar picks its spots to release a piercing attack.
“The Cat’s Meow” keeps the furious pace and attack up, while adding some declamatory vocals, increasing the paranoia. “Heart” is one of the more gothic moments on this CD with the drums doing their impersonation of a beating heart, and moaning vocals. “3 3/4 Stars” explodes with shouted vocals and guitar that sounds like it is ready to burst into flames. This track shows the diversity of the band, going from being at the point of explosion one instance, to being able to let the music flow and create tension through space. “Darkroom” closes the disc on a more gothic note as well, with a driving rhythm section and a beeping guitar. This song also demonstrates their ability to get the tension and feeling in the song across to the listener, by building up and then releasing it at the perfect moment.
This CD was an extreme surprise to this writer, who doesn’t always enjoy stuff like this, and one that was very pleasant as well. Death of Marat let you know what they are about from the start, and they sure won’t change for you. And though it’s a challenging listen, it’s well worth it for anyone. This is by no means a good time party record; it is dark and tension-filled and one that most likely will suck away your energy from listening to it. Not normally a fan of this style, this release amazed me upon first listen, and it continues to get better every time I hear it. For anyone interested in this style of dark noise rock, with the occasional slight goth elements, this is one of the better releases and should be owned.