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Eight Minutes to Wapner – Secret Agent Briefcase of Love

Eight Minutes to WapnerSecret Agent Briefcase of LoveTake Mike Patton and force him to create a new-age album under the direction of Burt Bacarach and the Residents. Channel the whole pastiche through Grassy Knoll and score it for a non-existent aboriginal documentary/children's cartoon, and what do you get? A foolish-sounding critic, struggling to … [Read more...]

Artdisorder – Fallen

ArtdisorderFallenWhen European bands begin to sing in English, hoping to get more attention from the US, I'm always confused as to what they are hoping to accomplish. If they are hoping to get radio play and become popular, their English had better be matched by a few grand in today's pay-for-play music marketplace. I mean, maybe they can get … [Read more...]

Mr. Moor – Old Man #24

Mr. MoorOld Man #24The man behind Mr. Moor sounds afraid of his own voice. His music consists of the murky sounds that shift around in the back of people's heads never to see the light of day. Somehow, perhaps because of his obscurity (which I have now partially trampled by writing about), these sounds come out fully intact, without the baggage of … [Read more...]

Holy Roman Empire – Two Whole Minutes Underwater

Holy Roman EmpireTwo Whole Minutes UnderwaterThis Boston-based group would undoubtedly be a big contender in indie-rock circles if they were able to recreate what they do on record in a live setting and then tour with this material. That appears to be the unfortunate catch to Holy Roman Empire - that the most impressive creations are the result of … [Read more...]

Majestic – Wake Up, Come Out, and Play!

MajesticWake Up, Come Out, and Play! With more band members in the studio than there are tracks on the album, Majestic achieves unparalleled depth and lushness in their upbeat and dreamy soundtrack to a summer day. In Majestic's sophomore outing, Wake Up, Come Out, and Play!, the band reveals their true penchant for blissfully gorgeous pop songs. … [Read more...]

Split Lip Rayfield – Never Make it Home

Split Lip RayfieldNever Make it HomeI have to admit I'm a sucker for good PR, so when a CD turns up on my doorstep labeled Appalachian Black Sabbath, I was hooked. All it took were about three songs of this, Split Lip Rayfield's third release, and I was reeled in and bagged, my throat ready to be slit open as long as the music kept playing. … [Read more...]

Wise and Foolish Builders – Sleight of Hand

Wise and Foolish BuildersSleight of Hand Some bands have it, some don't. Wise and Foolish Builders definitely have it. The "it" I'm referring to is the knack for smart songwriting. Sleight of Hand is WAFB's freshman release (which is hard to believe when listening to this nine-track album) and definitely has this so called "it." The melodies, the … [Read more...]

Nice – My Planet

NiceMy PlanetEven if the album cover does paint the picture of a teeny-bopper boy band, they say you can't judge a book by its cover, right? Well, what we have here is sort of an adult version of Hansen, with the brothers Anderson (John, Ricky, and Mike) joined by pal John Bell (who is oddly either excluded or put in the background of group … [Read more...]

Alfie – A Word in Your Ear

AlfieA Word in Your EarEvery once in awhile an album comes around that begins so great, but then things sadly take a turn for the worse by the end. Unfortunately, as good as the first half of Alfie's latest album is, the second half shows a band floundering for which direction to go next. The album starts off promising enough. The title track … [Read more...]

The Capsules – Reverser

The CapsulesReverserThe Capsules are led by Julie and Jason Shields who were formerly in the under-recognized band Shallow. The Capsules specialize in soaring melodies, with the almost adolescent vocals of Julie soaring over top. They create sparse, flowing, dreamy melodies with some very good pop hooks to keep the listener interested. The sparse … [Read more...]