Tullycraft – Beat, Surf, Fun

Beat, Surf, Fun

Beat, Surf, Fun is the third full-length album released by the Seattle indie-pop punk cult band, Tullycraft, not including the collection of out-of-print singles released last year. Fans will not be disappointed. Much popier than the band’s previous efforts, this is a fun album with catchy beats, cool guitars and a lo-fi sound, complete with girls singing background on a few tracks.

The first single off of Beat, Surf, Fun, titled “Twee,” has the catchy chorus of “Fuck Me I’m Twee,” which was apparently lifted from something they spotted written on one of the band’s T-shirts during a live show. “Twee” is an instant indie classic along the lines of “Pop Songs Your New Boyfriend’s Too Stupid To Know About.” The song includes lots of indie-pop band name dropping. How many can you catch? (Boscoe, Bruno, Slumberland…)
Tullycraft were recently on the soundtrack and featured in the documentary Songs for Cassavetes, a film that looks at the do-it-yourself world of underground music from the West Coast. Tullycraft’s participation only increased the band’s cult status.

“Wild Bikini,” “Glitter & Twang,” and the innocent and carefree “DIY Queen” plus, the not-so-P.C. “Orange Cake Mix,” which disses another indie band, are as simple as they are raw, with enough charm to put them on the map. All in all, a good album to take along to the beach this summer.