Tommy Guerrero – Junk Collector EP

Tommy Guerrero
Junk Collector EP

Post-rock isn’t really my thing. This trend in music is actually rather depressing. The genre name can’t help but remind me of the post-punk genre, which I strongly favor. But funk is my thing. A lot of the post-punk that I love is just as much funk as anything else. And Junk has got plenty of funk.
Junk Collector doesn’t sound like the type of music that a former professional skater-punk would make. The beats are slow, the punk replaced with funk. Guerrero plays bass, guitar, keys, and drums to create five songs, or 24 minutes of music. The drum introduction to “Rusty Gears Lonely Years,” mimics the funkiest of drumming found on any of Gary Numan’s songs: “Films.” The song is one of the more straightforward to be found on the EP, and it successfully sets the ball rolling toward greater gems. “Organism” picks up the pace, having a more drum ‘n’ bass sound. Gresham Taylor contributes unintelligible vocals to the song. The song triggers a dance reflex.
“Birds Over Head” is the most interesting and diverse track here. It makes use of a cutesy keyboard and bleeps, which play over a strong bassline and pounding drums. The latter half of the song turns crazy-style with staccato drum playing and with, to the songs advantage, no let up in bass funk. I guarantee that any music fan will find something to find in this strongest track on the EP. “Sea Sick” departs from the sound created on the previous three songs, in favor of a more sinister Spanish feel, a la something off of Migala’s Arde. “Terra Unfirma” plays as a more fleshed-out version of the first track, “Rusty Gears Lonely Years,” as more instruments make it into the mix over that always standout bass. The similarity between songs makes the “Repeat” option essential.
Junk Collector is a worthwhile EP for any fans of rhythm. If that isn’t your thing, then bug off. You’re crimping my style.