Resistant – Ancient Future

Ancient Future

Have you ever wanted to combine speed metal guitar riffs, hardcore screaming, funky bass grooves, punk rock chants, and Native American tribal rhythms? Well, the idea has crossed the minds of at least four people, and those four people are Vic, Ralph, Anthony, and Katina of the band Resistant. The four-piece has spent some quality time in the Los Angeles underground scene, occasionally playing with larger acts like Korn, Napalm Death, and L7, but it is extremely difficult to see them climbing out of the underground to make a very deep impression upon the masses.
Embracing their Native American roots to the fullest, the band praises the earth and fights against all that does it ill, trying to teach listeners that things like oppression, selfishness, and greed not only damage the individual person, but also bring harm to society as a whole. The band uses its music as a platform, often performing at charity festivals and fund-raising events, and always promoting peace and dignity for all. This may sound overly preachy, and the messages can be overbearing from time to time, but the fast, furious, and pummeling sound of the music can easily drown out everything else if you choose to focus your attention elsewhere.
The problem is that all of the varied elements don’t really seem to mesh. The double bass drum kicks don’t work with the half-rapping screams. The tribal rhythms don’t work with the guttural growls. The funky bass grooves don’t work with the hardcore chanting. In addition, the lyrics are less than convincing in their attempts to make a point, and so the message is lost somewhere along the way. Take, for example, generic lines like “politicians are for sale,” “don’t push us because we’re close to the edge,” and “the people united will never be defeated.” It just seems like too much is going on, and the assortment of elements can’t quite figure out how to get along.