Remember the Ocean – Ruth

I remember hearing the first song on this LP featured on one of Honey Comb’s compilations and picking it as one of the best in the mix. That of course was beside The Rocking Horse Winner’s track, because I love that band. Remember the Ocean was wise to use that song on the compilation as well as the opening track for their LP. “Summer” seems to be their strongest in arrangements and mood. Not that this isn’t a strong album, but it is always good to put the best songs first and make for a climactic ending if possible. At times singer/guitarist Kristin sings in the same vein as Sara Mclachlin – strong and bold or angry and yet at times cheerful and light. Her voice however is closer to that of Natalie Merchant, the solo artist formerly of the 10,000 Maniacs.
There is a lot of talk about angels and strength and nautical type things as well as tales of love and typical human emotions. You just get a disturbing feeling from the words while the picks of the guitar riff are saying it’s not that bad. There are also great songs like “Song” that have good words and a uplifting or comforting and empathizing nature. The band touches on all sorts of genres. There can be touches of country inside of alternative rock as well as some of that blues-ish soul thing going on. It is also possible this band would appeal to a wide range of audience because of the agelessness of it. I could see young to old enjoying these tracks.
The instruments range from congos and organs to acoustic guitar and violin to tambourines. There is a big emphasis on vocals, most likely because this woman has got a great voice! This is a well-produced and mixed solid album that provides enjoyment, a memorable voice, and songs that you will catch yourself singing hours later, plus intelligent lyrics and creative arrangements. Radio friendly and well rounded, this is a disc worth checking out.