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Ill Ease – Live at the Holiday Sin

Ill EaseLive at the Holiday Sin When I first glanced at the promo information for Ill Ease, I was not pleased. It said that Live at the Holiday Sin was recorded by Elizabeth Sharp solely in a motel room in Atlantic City. This seemed to scream "solo acoustic project" to me, and coupled with the laughable pun in the album title, I was not jumping at … [Read more...]

Coheed & Cambria – The Second Stage Turbine Blade

Coheed & CambriaThe Second Stage Turbine BladeWith all of the cut-and-paste "emo" bands coming out of the woodworks these days, a breath of progressive air is totally welcome. This bit of unchecked originality in the face of the status quo comes courtesy of Coheed & Cambria. C&C is a concept band whose songs center around an ongoing saga … [Read more...]

The Rocking Horse Winner – Horizon

The Rocking Horse WinnerHorizonI love you Rocking Horse Winner, but man, what is going on with this release? I have been a Rocking Horse Winner fan for a LONG time, and this release threw a serious question into the mix. First of all, it is by no means a bad CD in comparison to the majority of other shit out there today. But for The Rocking Horse … [Read more...]

The Kind – Waiting on the Harvest

The KindWaiting on the HarvestOh, I hate this CD. Every time I listened to it, I tried to distract myself from its annoyance and ended up briskly walking over and saying "shut UP" as I hit eject. Every bit of lyrics I caught were so stupid! It reminds me of these two twins I had grown up with (who are arguably insane) who say these annoying things … [Read more...]

Elvis Costello – When I Was Cruel

Elvis CostelloWhen I Was CruelThere has never been a rock star quite like Elvis Costello, arguably the best songwriting talent that punk rock produced. He has crossed over into country, soul, pop, and orchestral music, and collaborated with musicians as varied as Paul McCartney, George Jones, Burt Bacharach and the Mingus Big Band. With When I Was … [Read more...]

Hex Error – S/T

Hex ErrorS/TThis album is heavy, humorless, and completely devoid of even a trace of subtlety. The guitars, vocals, and drums are out to assault you; it's exhausting to try and listen to all the way through. That is the point, really, which is really a bit pointless. The guys in Hex Error aren't out to make friends. They're angry and fed up with … [Read more...]

Dave Tieff – Live @ The Nut

Dave TieffLive @ The Nut Dave Tieff is the charismatic frontman of the Baltimore-based band Laughing Colors. Despite a large, devoted following, somehow that band never managed to succeed the way that others had. Their shows in Baltimore would fill some of the larger venues, yet even in Washington, just down the road, they would often play small … [Read more...]

Mayday – Old Blood

MaydayOld BloodComing out from under the moniker of Lullaby for the Working Class, Ted Stevens has become a full-time member of Cursive and has backed up other bands including Bright Eyes, Azure Ray, and The Good Life. Now he's back with members of Lullaby, but instead they've taken the moniker Mayday, named after a concert Ted and friends have … [Read more...]

A Life Once Lost – The Fourth Plague: Flies EP

A Life Once LostThe Fourth Plague: Flies EP Wow. A Life Once Lost put the HARD in hardcore. Combining elements of metal, grindcore, chaotic noise, and melodic hardcore, Philadelphia's A Life Once Lost are perhaps the tightest band in its odd and noisy genre while still maintaining the intensity and edgy that bands of their ilk are known for. This … [Read more...]

Kids Techno – Greatest Hits

Kids TechnoGreatest Hits Planted firmly somewhere in the vast territory between sincere electronic mix-mash music and joke music made for nothing more than a kick, Kids Techno is probably laughing at us. Sometimes, it's easy to tell which way this artist is leaning, as he takes on a true homage to Wesley Willis one moment and later puts together a … [Read more...]